'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 4 Predictions
Last week on America's Next Top Model, Isis, who started out with a strong photograph, didn't live up to the bar she set for herself and her second photo was a flop.  Lauren Brie, who delivered a mediocre performance in the first major shoot, wowed everyone with her stellar high fashion shot.

So it's still early enough in Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model that we don't quite yet know each modelettes full potential - or weaknesses, but here are some guesses as to what might happen on this week's episode.

Isis definitely has strong modeling chops.  That said, she needs to bring more intensity and presence to her face in her photographs.  Due to her modeling knowledge and unique story, it seems likely she will stick around in the competition for at least a few more episodes, but it seems like her story is already trending down a bit.

In the cycle premiere, the girls did an impromptu photo shoot with a set of inflatable balls prior to the main shoot for the episode.  Samantha revealed her fashion ignorance in the auditions, but she actually did fairly well in that shoot, and her next time in front of the camera wasn't a total disaster. Last week, though, her lack of context really showed as her shot was unsuccessful.  She has a cute bubbly energy, but if she can't pull it together to take a good photograph, that might not be enough to save her.

Hannah's inexperience could also be an issue.  She's actually very photogenic, but she looks blank and confused in front of the camera.  Her tendency towards an "Aw shucks" guileless presentation in front of the judges might charm them with her humility, but she has to also be able to demonstrate power and strength during her shoots.

Brittany seems to have already landed in the judges' crosshairs for being too commercial.  They liked her week one performance, so if she can pull out a high fashion shot this week, she might move back to safety.

As to who could do well?  After being so totally wrong about Lauren Brie's potential, I am really not entirely sure.  Marjorie, Joslyn, Lauren Brie and Elina all seem like they have some spark in front of the camera.  If they can continue with that while showing good performance at panel (Marjorie, I'm looking at you), they might be contenders in this cycle of America's Next Top Model.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CW)