'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 3 Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, the girls met up with posing expert Benny Ninja to work on some moves that should be able to help them during this competition.  He brought along a model and contortionist to help give them some inspiration.  For their challenge, the models posed with purses in interesting ways in order to impress Benny.  Elina ended up winning the challenge but it didn't seem like she received any sort of prize.  At this week's photo shoot, the girls posed on a rope ladder which was supposed to hang from a hot air balloon.  Due to weather conditions, the ladder had to be hung from a crane instead.  Read on to find out who did well and who was sent him this week on Top Model.

Is Hannah Prejudiced?

Hannah is a small town girl from Alaska, who hasn't had much interaction with minorities and certainly not transgendered models.  It's no wonder, then, that she feels uncomfortable around many girls in the house.  The models in the house, who classify themselves as minorities, are offended that Hannah doesn't socialize with them.  When she pushes Isis away from her in the hot tub, the girls have had enough and confront her.  When asked straight out if she is prejudiced, Hannah of course answers no and walks away to cry things out.  She tells the girls that she never meant to offend anyone and swears that she doesn't think less of anyone in the house. 

Sheena's Revelation

At panel, when Sheena's photo is shown, Paulina asks her if her boobs are real.  Sheena says that of course they are and heads back to her spot in line.  A few minutes later, she thinks better of it and asks to speak to the judges.  She admits that she did have cosmetic surgery, calling it a stupid mistake when she was young.  Rather than be upset that she lied, Tyra applauds her for her honesty and for coming forth with the truth.  Sheena is safe for another week, partially because of her photo and partially because she came clean.

Nikeysha Is Eliminated

Rule number one when competing on Top Model: listen to Tyra.  Nikeysha was always interrupting and never taking in the critiques that she was given.  When she landed in the bottom two for a second week in a row and when she continuously would not listen to Tyra, she was sent packing.  Perhaps she'll learn from this experience, though it seems that she won't continue modeling much beyond this show. 

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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