'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 3 Live Thoughts
After making it through Top Model Institute, 14 girls moved on to compete this season on America's Next Top Model.  Tyra's standards are high this season and she immediately unloaded Shauran last week, for having a giant ego and not delivering enough in her pictures.  Tonight brings the return of posing expert (and guy who creeps me out) Benny Ninja to teach the girls about the art of posing.  The models will also use a rope swing for this week's photo shoot.  Sheena decides that she can't continue in the competition until she tells the judges something important and I can't wait to find out what it is.  I'll be here all hour, updating live, so keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

The models get a note about bending over backwards to be on top.  That's either something dirty or it means Benny Ninja is back.  Yup, it's the latter.   This is dumb - the girls have to stand in some red fabric and do extreme poses. 

Girls in a hot tub means that Elina is going to kiss someone.  Yup, they're playing truth or dare.  Elina kissed Clark.  She saw fireworks.  Hannah just pushed Isis, because she is uncomfortable with the fact that she's transgendered and felt that she got a little too close to her in the hot tub.  Hannah says she didn't mean to offend anyone but she clearly has a problem with Isis.

The models have to pose with purses for Benny Ninja's challenge.  Obviously they have to really contort their bodies to impress him but many of them just look awkward.  Wow, Sheena put the bag in between her legs and Nikeysha said she has to pee.  Neither will be winning.  Elina is the winner.

New Tyra Mail: If you wanna be on top, then you better start climbing that latter.

The girls, who are minorities in the house, confront Hannah and ask if she's prejudiced.  She starts crying and says she can't believe that anyone would say that about her.  I don't think she's racist, I just think that she had a sheltered life.

Oh man.  The girls don't just have to pose on a rope ladder.  They had to pose on a rope ladder hanging from an air balloon.  Hell no.  Analeigh doesn't impress, which worries me, since she's one of my favorites.  Sheena holds on to the rope with her buttcheeks.  Is that even possible?  Lauren Brie will definitely be safe this week with the performance she turned in.

Time for panel.  Oh yay, the judges do like Analeigh's picture.  The panel just told Nikeysha that she's too thin and she needs to eat something.  Agreed.  I think Lauren Brie's is my favorite.  I don't know how she turned her arm like that!  I like Sheena's picture, too.  I hope she doesn't do herself in when she talks to the judges.

That was it?  THAT was Sheena's big outburst?  Her boobs are fake.  Big deal.  Tyra loves her honesty.  Anyway...

Lauren Brie is called first.  Well deserved.  Wow, Isis is in the bottom.  Nikeysha is there again so I think she'll be going.

Nikeysha is out and she'll be talking to BuddyTV tomorrow in an exclusive interview!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)