From 'America's Most Smartest Model' Executive Producer: Margaret Cho's Own 'Reality' Show
From 'America's Most Smartest Model' Executive Producer: Margaret Cho's Own 'Reality' Show
VH1's reality show America's Most Smartest Model might have ended its run, but its executive producer has something else up his sleeve.  Alex Demyanenko, who also produced other reality shows for VH1 such as Shooting Sizemore and The Rock Life, has just completed production for another reality show, The Cho Life.

The show, which features Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, will be in the veins of the channel's other reality programs such as Brooke Knows Best and Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant, in that it will follow Cho around her daily activities and, definitely, give the viewers an insight into her quirky, if not risqué, sense of humor.
But not exactly: although everyone who will appear on the show will be playing his or her real-life persona, their relationship with Cho will be scripted to make things a little funnier—and to make Cho's humor stand out.  And the show's scenarios will be scripted too, although Cho assures that it will still be firmly rooted in her personality.

“It's the closest I've been able to come on television to what I do as a comic,” Cho said in an interview with Advocate magazine.  “It's like a sitcom but with real people playing the parts … the show is me in the context of being around all the people that make me want to tell jokes.  It's sort of like this constant riffing that I do with the people in my life.”

An exception to the rule, however, would be Cho's parents, who play themselves on the show.  “I really had to yell at them,” she revealed.  “I built my whole career without their help, so I said, ‘the one time I need help with something, you better help.'”

Demyanenko and his crew have finished producing seven half-hour episodes of the faux-reality show—what do you call these things now?—which is set for an August 21 premiere on VH1.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: Advocate, Variety
(Image courtesy of Advocate)