America's Most Smartest Model: Episode 10 "Never Trust a Rottweiler" Recap
America's Most Smartest Model: Episode 10 "Never Trust a Rottweiler" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on America's Most Smartest Model: The alliance of Brett, Andre and Aussie Rachael fell through as VJ and Angela nailed the Callback Challenge and were declared co-winners.  Brett and Aussie Rachael were eliminated, setting up the final three.

Now that we're in the final three, the models are suffering from mild delusions.  Angela Hart is turning on VJ Logan for the sneaky way he's played the game.  Meanwhile, Andre Birleanu is crowing that he's "single handedly" taken down 13 other models.  He looks at all the photos of the eliminated contestants and talks to them.  He says Mandy Lynn has a bright future in adult entertainment, and he has no idea who the orange lady is, but neither do I.  He forgets Angela's name, so he goes to ask her what it is.

The models are informed they'll be taking an overnight road trip.  The next morning, the end up in Palm Springs, though Andre has no idea what that it.  They all get gift bags with chocolates and champagne and are told Mary Alice Stephenson will be joining them for dinner to get to know them on a personal basis.  Angela wants to use this opportunity to pick her brain about the business.  Andre wants to put on the charm and flirt his way into the finals.  He puts on a nice suit to greet Mary Alice, Angela is in a nice dress, and VJ is in a t-shirt and jeans.  Angela and VJ start talking about their broken homes growing up,and Andre dismisses it (as a diplomat's son would).  In addition to modeling, Angela is interested in music.

Mary Alice informs them that the next day they will have a photo shoot with clothes from around the world, and some additional professional models to work with.  Our models have fun all night with the new models.  VJ narrows in on some brown-eyed girl named Heather.  Andre has a pair of ditzy girls fawning all over him.  Angela goes for the men so she'll be the focus of the photo.

The next morning, Angela is up and ready, but the boys are asleep when Mary Alice and company arrive.  Everyone gathers around Andre, who for some reason is sleeping outside by the pool.  VJ is in the shower, and Mary Alice wonders if they should check on him . Mary Alice is like the ultimate cougar.  The theme for the photo shoot is rock 'n' roll, so of course, Angela the musician claims this is yet another task she's an expert at.

The models are excited because the challenge has no real rules.  They get a huge wardrobe selection, stylists, art director, famous photographer, it's just about who is the best model.  Angela summons the two male professionals and orders them to be her bitches, doing whatever she says.  She is in full diva mode.  First Andre picks Lauren and Jane, then when Mary Alice asks VJ, he wants Heather and Lauren.  For some reason, VJ is allowed to poach Lauren, and since the models aren't allowed to double up, Andre is stuck with just Jane.

Andre goes first, and VJ is watching every move.  When it's VJ's turn, Andre is furious that VJ appears to be stealing all of his poses.   It's sort of true, but really, how many poses are there with a girl and a guitar?  Andre's fury is undermined by his ultra-skimpy European bathing suit.  The rage turns to glee as Mary Alice starts criticizing VJ's poses.  Andre mimics VJ and Angela from the last episode saying that the best revenge is success.  VJ changes his strategy and jumps in the pool to play around with the girls, and Mary Alice is loving it.  I guess she prefers VJ when he's wet.

Angela turns her photo shoot into a music audition, dancing and singing, and everyone is questioning whether she really prefers being a musician rather than a model.  Everyone heads inside for a second round of photos, and Andre is very relaxed.  He takes to doing the European double kiss with everyone.  After it's over, the three models hang out in the pool, and Andre is attacking VJ for stealing his poses, and Angela takes Andre's side.

Now it's time for Mary Alice to critique the photos, and she says it was obvious who the worst was.  First is Andre, and he's praised for knowing how to interact and pose for the camera.  Basically, Mary Alice spends 10 minutes applauding every single thing Andre did during the entire photo shoot.  When she's done, Andre says "Thank you, babe," but quickly corrects himself to call her Mary Alice.  She pretends to be slightly offended by the slip, but we all know she loved it.

For Angela, Mary Alice complains that her stance is very similar in every photo.  Mary Alice mocks VJ's early shots as Zoolander material.  That slowly turns to compliments as Mary Alice notes how VJ improved throughout the photo shoot by experimenting and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Then things get serious as Mary Alice cuts to the chase: Angela is eliminated!  She's still beautiful and talented, but she's just not model enough.  The two men head back to the mansion where Ben Stein is preparing their final challenge.

VJ and Andre wake up the next morning and are informed of their final challenge.  Each guy must create a five-minute online multimedia presentation explaining why they are America's Most Smartest Model.  So the final task is to make a Power Point presentation about themselves.  Andre is terrified by this task, and VJ is stoked.  For winning the photo shoot, Andre's Edge is a phone.  What?  How does that help?  When they meet with their helpers, Andre wants to go negative about how much VJ has cheated, but his aide tells him it should be more positive about himself.

VJ has no such problems, and his stroke of genius is to use a dog metaphor.  He's an adorable golden retriever, while Andre is a vicious rottweiler.  I guess that makes Mary Alice a bitch in heat.  Andre is stumped, but then he has a moment of clarity.  He flashes back to the phone he won, and Ben suggesting he could call his friends, if he has any.  I guess that Edge wasn't as dumb as I first thought.  You can almost see the light bulb go off above his head, and Andre goes outside to call...

And then, it's "To Be Continued."  Who did Andre call?  Seeing as how he's talked a lot about being a professional model and a diplomat's son, my hunch is it's going to be someone famous, either a well-known fashion designer, or maybe Vladimir Putin.

Next week on the season finale of America's Most Smartest Model: the two men give their Power Point presentations.  One will lose, and the other will be $100,000 richer as they are crowned America's Most Smartest Model.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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