Why 'America's Got Talent' Needs to Replace Tyra Banks as Host
Why 'America's Got Talent' Needs to Replace Tyra Banks as Host
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The next winner of America's Got Talent is about to be crowned. However, the long-running reality competition has a more important decision on the horizon. While new host Tyra Banks started off the season as a passable, if boring, stand-in for Nick Cannon, her live show hosting performances have been a different story. The increased pressure of the live shows has created some increasingly bad outings by Tyra and AGT would be best off replacing her for season 13.

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Live Stage Fright

Tyra has hosting experience and in the right setting she can even be pretty good at it. There's no one better suited for the job of America's Next Top Model host than Tyra Banks. Tyra has the perfect melodramatic energy and larger-than-life presence for that show. 

On America's Got Talent, though, Tyra is completely out of her depth. Tyra just doesn't fit. She's awkward and distracting. One of the big reasons seems to be that she is completely lost during the live shows. 

Most of Tyra's previous hosting jobs have been taped and in a controlled setting. There's a reason she did a fine, if completely unremarkable, job during the auditions and judge cuts. It was an arena where she was comfortable. In front of a live camera, though, Tyra is incredibly uncomfortable. 

There have been almost countless times during season 12's live shows where Tyra has stumbled over her words, repeated herself and, worst of all, flubbed contestants' names. It's quite painful and it's starting to take away from the talent. 

Case in point was the way Tyra brought the audience in and out of Evie Clair's finale performance. The tragedy of Evie's father's death spoke for itself but Tyra was way too over-the-top with it and she couldn't manage to naturally bring the show back into its normal rhythm after it was over. It's true that America's Got Talent did Tyra no favors by having a comedian directly follow Evie's grief, but a comedian or someone else with an extensive live hosting background would've done much better than Tyra. Tyra is lost in front of a live teleprompter and it shows time and time again.

A New Old Host

The bottom line really is that after Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent needs a host who is spry, quick-witted and fun to watch. Tyra often takes her duties far too seriously and when she tries to have "fun" it's like a beautiful robot trying to imitate human emotions. It just doesn't translate. She's awkward and stilted, and America's Got Talent needs a host who is as frenetic and adaptable as the show. Tyra is many things but adaptable isn't one of them. 

The host of America's Got Talent is the important cog in the machine that keeps things running and moving on time. They're the reason the show is able to flow and make sense of the fact that the acts range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Tyra, sadly, brings the show to a screeching halt. 

If Tyra had followed up a former AGT host like Regis Philbin or Jerry Springer, maybe things wouldn't be as noticeable. Regis and Jerry were much more natural than Tyra but they were never quite active as Nick. The role of America's Got Talent host has been changed because of Nick's long tenure on the job. AGT needs Nick back or someone very much like him, much more than another season of Tyra. 

Do you agree? Is Tyra a good host of America's Got Talent? Do you think she should be replaced for season 13? Who would you like to step in for Tyra?

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