What Happened To Team iLuminate After 'America's Got Talent'?
What Happened To Team iLuminate After 'America's Got Talent'?
The most unique act from season six of America's Got Talent was without question Team iLuminate, the dance company that fused performance with technology to literally glow in the dark and earn a third-place finish. What happened to this groundbreaking troupe and where are they now? I connected with iLuminate founder Miral Kotb to find out.

"Appearing on America's Got Talent last summer was an amazing experience, one that really catapulted us to a whole new level," she said. "Performing on television enabled people from all over the world to watch and get to know our act, and we now have loyal fans following us from across the globe."

It was a door-opening experience for Miral and the hard-working folks of Team iLuminate, which has since traveled the world both for performances and technology rentals.

"I've been working harder than I ever thought possible, and I'm thankful for all of the opportunities," Miral explained. "Just over the past few months alone, iLuminate has performed in some incredible locations, including Egypt to headline at The Cairo Opera House, London for Sony's Experia launch event, South Africa and Canada for auto shows, New York, for Capezio's 125th Anniversary Event); and Shanghai. I enjoy travelling to all of the locations, but have to say that Egypt was probably my favorite, as I got to perform in my country of origin joined by my parents, who came along for the tour."

Fear not, domestic AGT fans, because iLuminate continues to appear across the United States as well. In fact, they're teaming up with Six Flags for a brand new project. "We are thrilled to have our first full-length show with Six Flags Theme Parks this summer, and are looking forward to performing at both the Georgia and Dallas parks," explained Miral. "Our unprecedented show will be a whole new iLuminate experience, complete with fabulous new costumes, extraordinary technology, innovative styles of choreography, and a captivating new story."

That story "takes place in a world we created, featuring creatures from a new planet of illumination that find themselves invaded by a spaceship with predators who come to steal the light from the planet. The show runs three times per day and is filled with illusions and several new characters that we hope will become a staple of iLuminate and Six Flags." For more information and show dates, you can visit the Six Flags website at sixflags.com.

It's a lot of work for Miral and her team, as many elements go into iLuminate's beautiful routines. There's an entire process that must occur both creatively and technically before they can light up the stage. "Each one of our performances starts with an idea," said Miral. "Then we sketch out the costumes and look for the best music.  Next, the seamstresses and technical team work together to bring the costumes to life while I work with the choreographers and dancers to create the movement and outline of the dance. Once the costumes are ready, the magical last step is programming the lights to bring the ideas and movement to life."

As far as long-term goals for iLuminate, Miral told me that "I want to keep advancing the technology and the creativity behind the performances. We definitely want our own full-length evening show and to become an even bigger global sensation! The consumer market is also appealing.  In the meantime, we just work really hard at what we do to give our audiences the best show we possibly can."

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