Surprises in Seattle on 'America's Got Talent'
Surprises in Seattle on 'America's Got Talent'
America's Got Talent has it all: the crazy, the awesome, and the weird. It also has giant rooms full of people who don't even get to see the official stage, but I guess that might fall under "weird"?

In case you were wondering why Nick Cannon is on top of the Space Needle, America's Got Talent is auditioning in Seattle. OK, that doesn't really answer why or how he's there, but it's a start. Don't hurt yourself, Nick! You're a dad now, so you can't just go around climbing Space Needles willy-nilly.

If you're wondering more about what it was like to be there in the Paramount theater, Meghan went and wrote about it. So the audience wasn't voluntarily chanting, "Howie," for the record.

First up is impressionist/comedian Melissa Villasenor. She is actually quite talented, which is rare for comedians and impressionists on this show. Her Kathy Griffin was spot on! The judges agree that she is a star, and they put her through to Vegas. I almost cried because that girl is so darling, and also because I'm just feeling really emotional.

The A+C Twins decided that they can sing better than some guy who couldn't sing. They also got their suits from a costume store in the "1920s Gangster" section. They are not good, in spite of their lackluster stage presence. They call Howie "a hater," which results in more attention for Howie. He gets on stage and sings between the twins, mocking them because he's "the nice judge."

Liz Plummer & Robert Close failed to impress with their operatic stylings. The Rice Rockettes were my personal favorite, but three no's indicated that these drag queens would not be stomping the stage on Vegas. Mr. Mystic PTP did some magic while rapping, and it begged the question, "is this something?" Anita McCoy hula hooped, splitted, and twirled her way into our hearts, but not into Vegas.

Can the Kenyan acrobatic troupe, Zuma Zuma turn things around? If creating a human jump rope and a pyramid of muscular Kenyans can't turn it around, I don't know what can. Three affirmatives and they're through to the next round.

Poplyfe, a group of best friends from art school, has formed a band for Seattle's enjoyment. I don't see them making the finals at this point, but they're really talented. Did you hear those kids tearing it up on all the different instruments? Sharon likes the lead singer without the band, as does Piers, which is totally devastating for this group of youngsters until Sharon says yes to the band. I say yes to the band without the singer, but I wasn't there.

The Daring Jones Duo impresses with an aerial acrobatics routine, A little girl named Sadie has the voice of a 40-year old jazz singer when she sings, and The Elektrolytes came on this show because they couldn't get through on America's Best Dance Crew. All three acts move on to Las Vegas.

International Superstar Mauricio Herrera is ready to bring in the applause with his velvet illusion top and flared stretch pants. He is truly livin' La Vida Loca. Not sure what century this "showman" belongs in, but I would hire him for a party, provided the rate was appropriate. Howie likes him, but it's probably a joke. Sharon goes along with Howie's gag, and it's season 5's terrible impressionist all over again.

Piers is over it, and I would be annoyed with Howie, too. I know you're thinking, "What about Bobby's World and Deal or No Deal?" but even Bobby's World is not enough to redeem Howie Mandel.

In contention for the position of this season's Hannibal Means is The Paper Horn Man. Piers hits his X because he's one of those British people who just doesn't get the awesomeness of a paper horn. Piers walks off stage, which we could all assume is a no but Howie is at it again. It's a no for Sharon, a yes for Howie, and uncomfortable Nick Cannon stage time for all of us. Piers returns, The Paper Horn Man puts his tooth back in, and Piers votes no. Howie follows Piers out, and I wonder if Piers wishes he could push that soda machine onto Howie.

Come back tomorrow night, it looks totally awesome and insane!

(Image courtesy of NBC)