People Falling Off Stage on 'America's Got Talent': A (Very) Brief History
People Falling Off Stage on 'America's Got Talent': A (Very) Brief History
Some days you want to have deep, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, and some days you just want to watch people falling down. Today is one of those latter days. After two people fell off the America's Got Talent stage in Atlanta alone, I thought you might want to watch it happen again. I know, I know, it's awful. But it is also funny. I give you three people falling off the AGT stage.

Primitivo Montoya cartwheels off the stage after half of a less-than-spectacular song and dance routine

If I had to choose, I'd say the best part is when he realizes his cartwheel has gone too far, and acknowledges that vocally with, "whoa, whoa!" The second best part is when he angrily gets up and keeps singing.

Metatron pretty much just walks off the edge of the stage

This video also has Primitivo Montoya falling in it for your viewing pleasure (and because I couldn't find an isolated video of Metatron). Skip to 5:55 for pure, real, spoken word/rap action.

The power of light!

Magique Bazaar changes masks, then plummets off the stage

All he can tell you is "watch my face," and all I want to tell him is, "watch the stage."

Of course this happened in Portland. Buncha weirdos. Keep watching the video for a hilarious chihuahua mishap!

I'm so glad this show is back! Will we find the next Hannibal Means? Or maybe just the next Magique Bazaar!

(images courtesy of NBC)