Nearly Another Screw-Up on 'America's Got Talent'
Nearly Another Screw-Up on 'America's Got Talent'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Of course, the judges put FootworKINGz through tonight on America's Got Talent. They probably learned their lesson from the backlash that the show gets whenever they would pick something cute over something really talented.

On tonight's America's Got Talent, two talented dance acts - FootworKINGz and Pixie Mystere - landed on the dreaded fifth and sixth spots; dreaded because your fate hangs in the balance and it's not American who'll decided but three judges. It wasn't an enviable place to be in, though, as both groups performed splendidly on last night's show. I'm sure that given the option, the judges would likely withdraw one slot from the last two weeks just so both FootworKINGz and Pixie Mystere can reach the semis.

In any case, what was described by some as the more talent-full quarterfinal week so far this season of America's Got Talent ended quite well, relatively. The other four acts to advance are:

1. Jeffrey Ou

Apparently, America is ready for a crazy genius scientist from Texas. Watching back the performances, isn't it funny how he says, "I'm going to rock it tonight" in that soft monotone of his. Daria Morgendorffer? Another thing that irked me about last night: one of backup dancers apparently knocked the cable off, so no one heard the second half of his piano-playing, and not one of the judges either said sorry for the incident or offered to have him replay that part of his performance.

2. Hairo Torres

Another weird choice, but I get it. The contortionist really had a full act going on, to complement his dancing moves. You have to wonder though how long something like him can sustain a Vegas act. Nevertheless, he deserved to go through just for the phantom balls-breaking that punctuated his performance.

3. Mario & Jenny

As one of the judges said, husband and wife team Mario and Jenny was perhaps the closest to the conventional Vegas act they have today on America's Got Talent. I'm sure, though, that beyond the fiery and exciting stunts and props, it was the sweetness and graciousness of the two who got them in. one moment, Mario is all fierce and scary, the next, he's fawning over his wife and telling her he loves her!

4. Lawrence Beamen

Yes, I do see Barry White. While it's true that this guy has an amazingly smooth and soothing voice, last night's performance wasn't really to die for. Wrong song perhaps?

 - Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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