Final Set of Acts on 'America's Got Talent' Plus Reba McEntire
Final Set of Acts on 'America's Got Talent' Plus Reba McEntire
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After Mariah Carey, LMFAO, Penn and Teller, Daughtry, and Ashley Tisdale, country singer Reba McEntire is the next in line to take on the America's Got Talent stage for its results show Wednesday. McEntire, 54, is widely considered the queen of country.

McEntire is set to perform her new song Consider Me Gone on the 9pm telecast of America's Got Talent. Keep On Loving You, her 31st album which was released last week, is expected to debut at the top of the charts. Consider Me Gone is the second track off of it.

McEntire's performance, however, isn't the main event of the evening as five more acts is expected to join America's Got Talent season 4's top 20.

Among those who've made it, and had been the subject of much controversy, was frisbee-catching dog act Tony Hoard and Rory making it over singer Charles DeWayne despite numerous and obvious mistakes during its performance. AGT judge Sharon Osbourne had said that she chose the dog to ensure variety on the show.

The other acts that have made through with less ruckus are, in alphabetical order: Acrodunk, Arcadian Broad, Drew Thomas, Fab Five, FootworKINGz, Grandma Lee, Hairo Torres, Jeffrey Ou, Kevin Skinner, Lawrence Beamen, Mario and Jenny, Paradizo Dance, Texas Tenors, and Voices of Glory.

The remaining acts that are expected to slug it out on the America's Got Talent stage Tuesday include percussion group Recycled Percussion, 8-year-old dance couple Erik and Rickie, Bollywood dancers Ishaara, singer Barbara Padilla, light bulb-eater Chris Allison, dancing dog Pam Martin and Viva, acrobats African High Flyers, singer guitarist and tap dancer Anthony Morigerato and Matt Lucas, singing trio EriAm Sisters, another singer Mia Boostrom, burlesque dancers The Lollipop Girls, and singer-guitarist Drew Stevyns.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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