'America's Got Talent' Recap: Third Group of 12 Performs
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Third Group of 12 Performs
According to Nick Cannon this week, "it's time to unleash the talent."  Oh, now it's time? It's good that he gave us two weeks of leashed talent to prepare. It is also good that Nick is dressed like an old-timey gangster tonight. And Sharon is dressed like the ocean (all of it).

The South Philly Vikings are an appropriate opening act, even though I don't entirely understand what it is (because I'm not from South Philly I guess). Apparently South Philadelphia is like Star Trek meets Transformers meets a rave, and it is also the birthplace of all generic gangs of bad guys from nineties movies.  But it was cool and fun to watch for 90 seconds, even though Piers thought it was kind of stupid. But let's hear it for "entertainment," for lack of a full understanding of what the hell this is.

Does anyone else hate CJ Dippa as much as I do? I just disagree with everything he is: an obnoxious kid who thinks he's a badass. Plus I just pretty much hate eleven-year old boys in general. I'll try to overlook the fact that children should be children and try to see this act for its talent. I will also graciously overlook his stupid hat. He writes his own raps, has a lot of presence and confidence, and he didn't get nervous and screw up like me at the leadership camp talent show. So overall I doubt this will be the worst act tonight, but I don't want to see much more of him.

Do you like old men with talents that suit old men perfectly? Then Harmonica Pierre is for you (and me, I wish to hang out with him).  I don't quite know what to think of the addition of backup dancers, though, I would leave that out. And, if you read my recap of last week's results show, you'll know how much I disapprove of forcing that "Hey Soul Sister" song on us one more time. I still loved it, though.

Polina Volchek could teach you a thing or two about hula hoops, stretching, and rope manipulation. Why hasn't she been picked up by Cirque du Soleil? Her act tonight was clean, and more "Vegas" (and Fifth Element-y), but Piers found it boring and I have to admit I wouldn't watch just that for an hour.

The Strange Familiar is redemptive for people who liked the movie Once and hated Airpocalypse. I like: their choice to perform "Time After Time." I don't like: her shiny pants. I don't understand: all that mood fog.  The overall consensus seems to be that it was just okay.

What is Haspop? It is a name, it is a movement. I liked him better before the spray tan, but he's still a contender. Maybe not for the top four, because I'm not sure it's an ACT, but the judges loved it, with Piers calling it "the performance of the night so far."

This week's male singer is Luigi, who is one of my favorites and has donned the trademark male singer fedora. With Nathaniel Kenyon and Michael Grimm already in the next level, I wonder where we'll be if all the male singers move forward. I don't think this is the best we've seen Luigi, but Nathaniel Kenyon wasn't at his best and moved forward. Plus the ladies love that little guitar. 

Can we please notice Howie's weird David Blaine-esque partial-suspenders shirt? There's no time, I want to give my full attention to Chipps Cooney.  I'm with Howie on this one, Chipps Cooney is normally hilarious. Unfortunately he got three X's, probably because the Chippendale's idea was a mistake. Too bad. 

Kaya and Sadie went straight to Hollywood last time we saw them, so hopefully they're ready to step up their bellydancing game. But is it more than a featured role on the remake of The Ten Commandments? I guess it was better than some of the crap we've seen so far, but before I pick up my phone to vote Howie needs to put his boner away.

Awkward bike trick specialist, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven will step it up by going blindfolded for part of his act tonight. His act always makes me nervous, and I wonder how Mrs. VanSchoonhoven feels about those sexy dancers assisting him. I actually gasped when I was watching it and if you didn't enjoy it maybe YOU are blindfolded. 

Sweet Debra Romer captivates many but worries Sharon. I think Sharon found the perfect word to describe Debra: "delicate." Not the best song choice, but I really like her voice and she's so cute. Bottom line: she's got it going on. So which act made you more nervous? Jeremy VanSchoonhoven or Debra Romer? Or did I really just want to type VanSchoonhoven again? 

Nick Cannon tells us that Studio One Young Beast Society will change the way you think about hip hop. You don't know my life, Nick Cannon! You don't know the way I currently think about hip hop! But maybe he does because at first I was like "ughhhhhh another dance group" and I don't care for their name (or all those words flashing on the screen behind them) but they might be the most interesting dance group yet, despite being a little rough around the edges. They do more tricks than the other groups that have just barely missed the chance to move forward, but I don't know if it will be enough.

Who do you love? Who do you hate? If The Kung Fu Heroes fought The South Philly Vikings, who would win??  What about after they called the Zords? As Americans, you have the freedom to vote (on your phones for talent acts) and the freedom to agree or disagree with lowly bloggers. Sound off!

(image courtesy of NBC)