'America's Got Talent': The Wild Card Show
'America's Got Talent': The Wild Card Show
Consider the stakes raised! It's the highly-anticipated America's Got Talent Wild Card show, or as I like to think of it, the dreaded return of the child acts. How much more heartbreak can these children take? And tonight, the judges will bring some much needed (and previously absent) reality checks for the contestants. 

First up is Kruti Dance Company, who were not very good the last time we saw them, but managed to pull it together and make it a bit more traditional (what Sharon wanted to see) this time. It was good, but still not my favorite thing or something I'm dying to see again.

I'm glad to see Rudi Macaggi back for the Wild Card show because I think he got ripped off last time just from being placed in a group of standouts. This time he flippped back into a rope to hang by his feet, which was a little less heart-pumping than the last time we saw him. Also, the setup was kind of weird. Piers gave him an X.

I feel a lot of emotions when I see CJ Dippa, none of them positive. I feel aggravated, upset, sad, and a little betrayed by Howie for bringing him back. I don't like child acts.

To contradict what I just said, I do like RNG. They were so close to making it the first time around, and after seeing all the other dance groups I do think their choreography is some of the tightest we've seen. 

Next up is Harmonica Pierre.  I was a big fan of this weird watchmaker, but his choice to cover Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" was a serious misstep.  Is America really that averse to classical music? It was as lackluster as last time, but even less joyful. But Piers loved it. 

I am so glad Sharon decided to bring back Michael Grasso, who was eliminated in Las Vegas for doing some awesome slight-of-hand. He should have been in Mary Ellen's spot, or any other act that was bad. It looks like tonight he's back to big magic, lighting a girl in a box on fire then running her through with spikes (take that, Antonio Restivo!). Then he brought the original girl back, plus a bonus girl. Howie liked that very much.

Howie also liked the Hot Shot Tap Dancers, who I like but have been hit or miss. I was worried when they started out with the brother who is clearly the weakest link in the group beatboxing, but it was a vast improvement upon their last performance. Even Howie didn't think it was great, and Piers gave them the X.

Oddly enough, Piers brought back heart-melting comedian Doogie Horner. Yay! I'm excited to see what he does tonight. Perfectly, he rags on the other acts on America's Got Talent. His understanding of the show and how a comedian should use it to their advantage is perfect. 

Howie, not Sharon, brought back Connor Doran, indoor kite flyer. I was surprised he didn't make it through in Las Vegas, so I'm glad to see him get a second chance. And tonight, he's bringing DOUBLE KITE (flying to Josh Groban). Is it weird that I'm still totally captivated by this? 

Oh boy, Anna and Patryk are back to creep me out just a little bit more. Why, Piers, why? Last time they did a jive and it was cute but this time they're bringing a cha cha (samba?) that is just a little too hungry-jazz-creepy for me. Howie took the words out of my brain yet again, "it's about being seductive and . . . it's a little creepy for me."  Also, children should just not be that good at ballroom dancing it's eery and makes me wonder how far the world of modern robotics has actually advanced.

Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon lost out on their spot in the finals because of a very dangerous mistake in Las Vegas. I hope they nail it tonight. WHOA, they gave me (and everyone else) a heart attack with that fake drop. For a second I thought we might have seen someone get seriously injured on television. But it was a trick! A trick that made me pee a little.

The final act is Swing Shift Sideshow, brought back by Howie (and by fate because they weren't able to compete in the first round for personal reasons). It was all that sword swallowing and balloon popping and gross weirdness that we'd hoped for (and that Sharon and Piers quickly X'ed). It didn't exactly raise my heart rate like Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon but it was something.

Who were your favorites?

(image courtesy of NBC)