America's Got Talent: the Second Group of 12 Performs
America's Got Talent: the Second Group of 12 Performs
Okay, are we over the whole child star debacle yet? (Christina & Ali, Future Funk) Good, we'll deal with them later. For now we have twelve more acts to hate or love. We might not always agree on the acts, but can we at least agree to dislike Nick Cannon? No? You loved the movie Drumline? Okay, fine, that movie was awesome.

Cheer SF is short for Cheer San Francisco, and they "really love" cheerleading. They also moved on automatically in the Las Vegas callbacks. I've seen Bring it On, so it was just okay for me. A lot of spunky walking around to do this thing or that. And did Piers and Sharon "X" them? I thought that wasn't a thing anymore. And I don't like when a group comes back with "well, I think America would disagree."

Alice Tan Ridley, Gabourey Sidibe's mom, started out in subways and I've totally thought that a lot of subway performers were better than popular artists or American Idol contestants, so I feel some vindication.  I only wish she was singing that song about bein' in the studio. Just kidding, she's better than that.  She was great. Does anyone else think it's kinda weird that an Oscar nominee's mom is on this show, though?

Who's that giant group of people? It's the Mona Sampath Dance Company. I'm not sure how I feel about their incorporation of music by the Black Eyed Peas. I'd be okay just seeing traditional Bollywood, and a group of people who didn't look so frantic trying to stay together.

Who is Iron Horse? A band made up of two guys who are twins and a third guy who looks just like them. They're a band who does tricks kind of? And there were pyrotechnics. And I was confused. So far I can gather that the judges don't like acts that spend half their time manically running around setting up their next trick.

The person making me (INEXPLICABLY) crave Honey Nut Cheerios this week is The Strong Man. That's right, he doesn't have a name. You don't need a name when you can lift a car with your teeth. Tonight the Strong Man brought along three hot 80's babes, and my favorite moment of the night was when the first one awkwardly swung her hair around after taking off her helmet. Why, Strong Man, why?

Oh no, Ronith. If he's not in on the joke, it's just sad. Does he even know what's going on? At first I thought he was doing a Gene Kelly impression, and that it was okay, but then it was actually Jim Carrey. I feel mean laughing at this. And Howie should feel bad, too, because Ronith admitted tonight that he thinks his comedy "is good." I agree that bad is sometimes good, but not when the person (Ronith) doesn't know it's bad. Shame on you, Howie.

Big, weird, Hannibal Means is up next and I have a hard time not liking this guy. He crochets his own crazy hats! And now he's making dancers wear them! When he started singing "The Circle of Life" my head almost exploded from over-stimulation. I'll decide what I think of this tomorrow, because I'm not sure I can figure it out yet.

I don't want to see any more dance groups, really. I feel like singers and dance groups have other shows they can go be on and I'd rather see them there. But Wreckless's circus idea was okay, but the moves weren't anything too extreme or special. I'm comparing them to what I've seen on shows like America's Best Dance Crew, because that is a show for dance crews.

I kind of think Lil Chris is a lil creepy. Tonight he's trying a current song and dancing, and therefor removing anything that set him apart from all the other kid talent acts. It was okay, but like dance crews, I kind of want all these kid acts to just go away. Until we start calling this show America's Got Talent . . . for a Twelve-Year Old.

I'm excited for Ascendance. It actually belongs on this show. It was really great and could really be an act in Vegas. Finally.

I feel like nobody wants it more than Antonio Restivo. He also brought along some 80's girls to whip their hair around. One of them came out of a box and then went into a fire tube thing. What was going on with her at the end there? It looked like she was struggling to press something? Awkward close-up. He did some nice danger-magic, though, and like Sharon said, there wasn't any dead air.

Last but not least is Michael Grimm. Ideally he has stopped playing the "Hurricane Katrina" card by now. He's a good musician and I like his song choices. Not the most enthusiastic or relatable guy, but we like him well enough (and I like him way more than Nathaniel Kenyon). It was weird seeing him without the obligatory male singer fedora.

(image courtesy of NBC)