'America's Got Talent': That's Snot Talent...
'America's Got Talent': That's Snot Talent...
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Tonight's episode of America's Got Talent gave us the Chicago auditions. Before discussing the acts, I just want to share some thoughts about this season so far.

First of all, I think Howie Mandel was the perfect choice to fill the third judge position. He brings just the right amount of child-like wonder and snarky goodness to the show. He's terrific.

I also want to give props to the show's host Nick Cannon for being such a fun part of the show. He has put his own safety at risk several times already this season to help out some of the acts. He has also given us laughter and helped us get to know some of the other fascinating people who have come to try out for the show.

This season so far is shaping up to be the best yet for AGT. Tonight I'm going to mention some of the acts that won't be going on to Las Vegas.

The first casualty of the evening was Zach Carty. He attempted to stick a cotton swab up his nose and make himself sneeze while keeping his eyes open. After Howie went nuts because of his germ phobia, poor Zach was unable to produce even one sneeze.

Then there was The Spellbinder. He's a handsome man that wore a red pimp suit to perform as an illusionist. Unfortunately, his dance with a handkerchief was less than impressive.

Gee, a guy who can't sneeze and a guy who dances with a handkerchief. It almost seems like a trend was forming...

Then Howie nearly fell in love with Laura Ernst, a woman in a giant plastic bubble. But when her performance went flat, the romance was gone.

Of course, we had to have some bad musical acts and Tom Zemke was truly one of them. He did some bad dancing while he sang badly, wearing his boxer shorts.

Then Buddy Holly Cheesehead sang a very bad song about cheese. Thankfully, he was "X"ed off the stage.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for my coverage of the best acts from tonight's episode of America's Got Talent. I'll even add a few video clips so you can re-live the best moments.

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