'America's Got Talent' Still Perched Atop Ratings
'America's Got Talent' Still Perched Atop Ratings
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's nothing of a shocker, but performances courtesy of a high-flying slam-dunking act, a funny grandmother, and a cancer survivor cum opera singer boosted America's Got Talent dominance last week en route to its topping the ratings board.

America's Got Talent's Wednesday night episode was the highest-rated program - repeat or new episode - of the week with 11.9 million viewers, while its Wednesday edition is at the third spot with 10.6 mil. A repeat of CBS' NCIS squeaked in at number 2 with 11 million. This top three lineup has not changed in the past couple of weeks, although NCIS and AGT would sometimes switch for the second and third spots.

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Six other repeats from CBS filled the top ten, with a Michael Jackson-themed Primetime: Family Secrets on ABC the only other new episode in the top ten. Other than America's Got Talent, ABC's Wipeout, Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, and ABC's The Bachelorette, all new episodes, reigned over former ratings juggernaut CSI, while Big Brother finished at no. 18 with 6.6 mil, an 8 percent increase from last summer's debut.

America's Got Talent last week boasted of acts such as acrobatic Acrodunk, five Houston-based basketball players who wowed the audience and the judges with their gravity-defying stunts; Grandma Lee, a 75-year-old stand-up comic who said that for her, America's Got Talent represents her last hope to live her dream; and Barbara Padilla, a cancer survivor and opera singer who, for a second there, reminded everyone of Britain's Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle, absent the frumpy body and the glazed eyes.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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