'America's Got Talent' Semifinals Part 2 Preview: 12 More Acts Hit the Stage
'America's Got Talent' Semifinals Part 2 Preview: 12 More Acts Hit the Stage
Bill King
Bill King
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We're getting down to the nitty gritty on America's Got Talent, with half of our pre-finale field already selected. Tonight, the remaining 12 acts will take to the stage to vie for a spot in the strange post-semifinals, pre-finals top 12 round.

It's way too difficult to even explain how there can be a round between the semifinals and finals, but the top 12 exists, so let's preview who has the best chance to join Innovative Force, Forte, Cami Bradley, Collins Key, Taylor Williamson and Catapult in said round.

I correctly predicted five of the six advancing acts last week, which I guess is better than the three-out-of-four I've been pulling throughout the quarterfinals. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about perfection eluding me. 

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I chose the feel-good story of Jonathan Allen over the under-performing Innovative Force, but alas, three tenors is better than one, and Forte took the opera vote away from our disowned-for-being-gay singer. I was happy to see Innovative Force stay alive in the competition, as I've been a proponent of theirs, but they will have to improve on their sloppy routine to have a shot to make the finals. 

As for the next group of 12, I think it is easily divided into a top six and a bottom six. Here are the ones who have something to prove:

John Wing: I've never been a big fan of his, though the rapid-fire end to his last set got at least a chuckle. He either needs the routine of his life or everyone else to bomb.

American Military Spouses Choir: I really think the only reason they made it this far was because they got the pimp spot during their quarterfinal show. I hope they tone down the uber-patriotism a bit as well. I mean, I know it's what they're about, but I find all the American-flag-shoved-down-my-throat thing distracting from their voices. 

Illusionists Leon Etienne and Romy Low: As Howard Stern's wildcard pick, these two have the deck stacked against them. They didn't get enough votes to stick around before, and unless they do an amazing and innovative trick we haven't seen before, I don't think they garner enough this time either.

Marty Brown: Of all those who made the semifinals, this is the guy who did it with the worst performance. He was distracted, off-key and basically just horrible, but America loved his story. He won't get two second chances, so he'd better nail it.

Jimmy Rose: Another benefit of the pimp spot, he's another country boy with a smooth voice. But will either he or Marty be able to distinguish himself from the other? Will he sing the coal song again?

Anna Christine: I had written her off as an easy elimination after she got swallowed up by the big stage at Radio City Music Hall. But America loves its pint-sized singers, and this girl sounds about 20 years older than her 13-ish years. I'd be shocked if she pulled out a win over her superior competition, but I've been shocked before.

Now on to the six acts I think have a leg up in this semifinal show:

D'Angelo and Amanda: It took a while for me to come around to these two, namely because I strongly dislike kid ballroom dancing acts. But they took their performance to another level in the quarterfinals (poor annoying Ruby found that out the hard way), so expectations have to be high for them to wow us again.

Branden James: It's a shame because I feel like Jonathan Allen was a smidge better than him. But Branden didn't have to go up against Forte, at least not until next week. Then I imagine his fate will be the same.

Timber Brown: I love, love, LOVE this guy's act, and I can't wait to see what he's got in store for this week's performance. He's the one person whose safety I'm legitimately worried for each time he takes the stage. He checked in at number two in my semifinalists rankings, after Forte.

Kenichi Ebina: He blew the judges away with his intricately choreographed video game battle in which he took on villains also played and pre-recorded by Kenichi. It was a lesson in innovation, and who knows what he has planned this time? For a guy I had pegged as a "bad" audition when we first saw him, it would be a surprise (and a shame) if he disappoints.

Chicago Boyz: They jump rope with ropes and a human child, but the act is so much more than that. I cannot comprehend the precise timing necessary to do flips and hop on your stomach through three simultaneously flipping ropes. Though it still remains to be seen how much the guy with the shattered tibia meant to the routine.

The KriStef Brothers: After suffering a neck injury in a painful-to-watch drop while rehearsing for last week's show, who knows if they'll even be up to performing? But they seem to be a crowd favorite, and the added overcoming adversity angle will be tough to vote against. With Duo Resonance gone, these guys are our only remaining strongman act. 

So those are your 12 remaining semifinalists. Who are you most looking forward to seeing? And which six do you think will join our top 12? 

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