America's Got Talent - Season Two, Episode Five
America's Got Talent - Season Two, Episode Five

Originally aired on Tuesday, 06/26/2007

Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5)

Episode OverviewAmerica's Got Talent makes its way to the Big Apple for the final set of auditions before heading to Vegas.

Episode Highlights:

  • New York City has its predictable share of both nutcases and talent.
  • Squabbling between the judges again results in a David Hasselhoff walk out.
  • A previous season's oddball gives it another shot.

America's Got Talent is in New York City for the final auditions.  Sharon Osborne is looking for eccentricity and talent. Piers Morgan and David are happy to be in the city.

 A very bendy man emerges from a small box.  He is beyond double-jointed.  He can literally kiss his own behind.  David calls him Rubber Boy and that's what he is.  Piers doesn't think it is actually a talent, but he has two votes and he is through to Las Vegas.

Next up is Abenz, a rapper with a back-up singer.  He's only mediocre and the crowd boos him off.  The judges like the back-up singer more, and ask him to come back and sing on his own.  Abenz walks off in a huff.

A woman named Sunshine comes out to sing "Amazing Grace," dressed as an aging hippie.  They start to boo immediately but she's not as bad as some have been.  However, she is not making it through.

A montage of the failed acts: bad breakdancer, bad ventriloquist, opera singer on horseback, random dude in a Speedo, and a very old lady.

Now Odysy comes out, four young men who claim they are so much more than a boy band.  Actually they are not bad.  They sing over beatboxing and break into a rap.  They do come together well and the audience is impressed.  So is David, but Piers is not.  Sharon expresses some doubt but eventually puts them through.

Philadelphia T., a well-dressed and confident stand-up comedian who gets some laughs out of some Katrina-related humor.  The judges like him - even Piers is impressed.  He is on his way to Las Vegas.

Now a montage of success!  A Latin dance act, a pair of stand-up comedians, a drumming group, and an R&B singer.

A set of singing identical twins called Shad-Dai takes the stage.  The judges X them out, and Piers says they are mediocre.  They want another shot, but Piers has no interest, and David thinks it's unfair to give anybody another shot, so they are gone.

 Sexy Techno Boy.  He sings and dances to techno.  Badly.  And not sexy.  No.

Next up is Luca, who has the nickname "Lazy Legs."  He has a disease that leaves him with very little muscle in his legs, and is part of a breakdancing troupe called Illmatic Styles.  He uses crutches as part of his dancing, and it is integrated pretty seamlessly into the act.  The crowd likes it, and so do the judges - they are through to Vegas.

A knife-throwing reverend The Great Throwdini and his assistant are the next act.  Throwdini blindfolds himself and throws around the body of his assistant.  One knife bounces off, but otherwise he throws well.  Sharon likes it, but David doesn't.  Although Piers X'ed him off, he actually likes the "creepy reverend" and puts him through to Vegas.

And now..."Three Redneck Tenors. "  They are wearing overalls and mullet wigs but can actually sing.  However, is the surprise of their talent interesting enough to bring them back?  Yep, they are on their way to Vegas as well.

Next up, the Pennsylvania Hand Band.  They play their hands and have a giant hand mascot.   No.

More failed acts: two young stand-ups, both of whom insult Piers, and his comments back to David start some tension between the two. 

A returning act takes the stage next.  It's the knife-balancing angel from the past season.  Leonid the Magnificent.  This season he has two women that he dances(?) with.  The point of the act is slightly unclear but it ends with him unsuccessfully getting into a harness and knocking off his giant headress.  David wants no part of it, saying he'll walk off if Leonid is put through.  Sharon says yes and  Piers says yes as well, one wonders if it's mainly to tick off David.  Well, it does and he walks off. 

He disappears into his dressing room, but eventually comes back out to the cheers of the crowd, to watch a fourteen year old who wants to be a country singer.  She does have a good voice and despite the fact that she is a novice performer, she pulls it off with confidence, even grinning through a flat note.  They all love her, although Sharon asks her to come back with her own style.

An older couple, Jay Green, a three-time juggling champion, and his girlfriend assistant, are up next.  She dances but he has a little trouble at first.  He juggles fire successfully though.  It's not enough - he's not put through.

Now Thoth has his turn.  Who is Thoth?  A man in a loincloth who sings (in his own invented language) and plays the violin while keeping rhythm with bells around his ankles.  No.

More bad acts: Sound effects guy.  Belching guy. Bad Tina Turner.  Girl who plays her mouth.

Now four more singing dudes who also think they have a unique perspective.  The group is called "Ahmir."  They sing a cappella and do well.  Piers loved it.  David thinks they blew the earlier group of four guys away.  Sharon also likes it, and they are going to Vegas.

A grandfather and grandson act are next.  They sing and play the piano, and the little kid tries to belt out "St. James Infirmary."  It's cute if kids singing (poorly or not) is your cup of tea, otherwise it's nails on a blackboard.  David is the former, Piers is the latter.  Sharon is on the fence but the little kid charms her into sending the pair to Vegas.

 Next is a magic act.  He does some pretty good sleight of hand tricks with fire and birds.  He's solid and he's going to Vegas. 

A bunny act.  A bunny emerges, climbs up to the mike and "starts talking," i.e., nibbling on the mike while the magician speaks.  Unfortunately he uses up most of the time with this part, and so Piers is not impressed with his ad libbing.  Sharon and David like it well enough, though, so he is through.

Now it's time for Byrain, who was singing backup earlier this evening.  It's his turn to perform on his own.  He sings "Treat Her Like a Lady" to the clapping of the audience since he is doing it on the fly.  Piers had buzzed him, but thinks his buzz actually energized Bryain to an even better performance, and he likes his humble presence.  The judges all want to put him through, and he is moved to tears and is speechless.  It's really sweet.

Next up: a group of plus-size girls done up like the Pussycat Dolls.  Everyone seems a little skeptical at first, but they start singing Lady Marmalade and win the crowd completely over.  David loves their performance.  Piers likes a Rubenesque lady and thinks they have talent, so he is won over as well.  They're on their way through.

And now the auditions are over and all the choice have been made.  It's time for all the acts to make their way to Vegas and for the America's Got Talent competition to heat up.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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