'America's Got Talent' Season 6: Why Your Top 4 Favorite Will or Won't Win
'America's Got Talent' Season 6: Why Your Top 4 Favorite Will or Won't Win
The viewers have chosen their final four, and the selected acts performed. But how did they do? Did anyone blow it with their final performance? It's been known to happen. Who's the favorite to win? Who is the judges' favorite? All these speculations and more as we examine why your favorite may or may not win.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
Why he could win: He had a slight misstep in the quarter-finals when he involved the dancers, but his final performance of, "My Way" received praise through the roof. It was clean, classic, and elegant, with Landau, a white suit, and a full orchestra. No one saw Landau coming, nor did we expect him to be such a talent. He has a touching story, and we really root for him. Landau is just a real, sincere guy, and we love that about him.

Why he might not win: He's a singer. Maybe this will work to his benefit, since America just seems to have a thirst for singers that can't be quenched. But in, as Howie proclaimed it, "the year of the dance," can a singer pull through for the win? He's up against some serious competition, and a surprising sound-alike to Frank Sinatra might not stack up to all the flash and lights. In my opinion, though, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. will definitely be in the final two.

Team iLuminate
Why they could win: It's so cool! Team iLuminate has been virtually flawless so far, they haven't had a bad performance yet. The act combines technology, being in the dark (which we LOVE now, apparently), and dancing. The dancing is good, the effects are cool, and it tells a story. This is a million dollar act.

Why they might not win: They deviated from the form for their final performance. It was a lot of lights, a lot going on, and not much story. It sort of reminded me of a Christmas display. Also, since it's a light/dark act, it's not as personal. We know the least about them, and they had the least personality in the "Top 4 go to Las Vegas" montage. Do we know them well enough to feel like they deserve to be voted through?

Why they could win: They're kids with a dream, and they sing about never giving up and overcoming against all odds. They're really likeable, and that girl can sing and the guys can play. They've made it this far; the judges and the viewers really seem to like them. They had a really winning performance with the Jackson 5 medley.

Why they might not win: Their final performance was not so great. They performed a medley of two Queen songs, neither of which was super successful. There were a few wrong notes, and the mix was off. The backup singer's microphone was probably on too loud, causing it to sound like the off-key voice of God was chiming in at random intervals. There is some stiff competition in the finale, and PopLyfe might not cut it at this stage in the game.

Why they could win: They're an adorable dance troupe with a message. What they do is cool and fun, even though we saw something similar (but with slightly better execution) at the 2008 Oscars. Even so, it's children, and some of them are terminally ill, and it's all about inspiration and emotion. They love to tap into key emotions, and have a fairly patriotic message, which people seem to like. What they do would be a hot ticket in Las Vegas: it's family friendly, but also stunning to watch.

Why they might not win: Due to a technical error, they didn't get as much time and focus as the other three groups in the final episode. We had to watch a few montages of auditions and Nick Cannon being goofy, then Silhouettes got their act in in the last minutes of the show. The judges just barely had time to say they loved it. Also, their final performance had less of an emotional message. It was just about love and imagination (I think?) and not about saluting the troops or never giving up on your dreams. With these factors combined, their final performance may not have a lasting impact on the viewers.

My prediction is that PopLyfe will be eliminated first, followed by Silhouettes, and it will come down to Team iLuminate and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Who wins will really be a surprise either way.

(images courtesy of NBC)