'America's Got Talent' Recap: When Did Little Girls Dressing Like Strippers Become Acceptable?
'America's Got Talent' Recap: When Did Little Girls Dressing Like Strippers Become Acceptable?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I never considered myself a prude until tonight's episode of America's Got Talent.  I have a pretty open mind and I'm willing to watch just about anything.  But then I saw TJ and the Little Mamas.

First of all, calling a group of girls, ages 6-9 "Little Mamas" is already disturbing.  At first I thought TJ and the Little Mamas was the episode title fr the latest edition of Dateline's To Catch a Predator.  But no, it's an act on America's Got Talent that somehow made it to Las Vegas.

The leader is TJ, an 8-year-old Corbin Bleu impersonator who dances around the stage with his bevy of girls.  Just in terms of talent, it's offensive that these kids would make it through because their choreography was weak and sloppy, but I guess using realistic measures of talent is against the by-laws of America's Got Talent.

But these girls were dressed like...well, prostitutes.  It's uncomfortable to read and even more uncomfortable for me to write, but how else do you describe girls in hot pants and mesh belly shirts?  It looked like the Muppet Babies version of the Pussycat Dolls.  Maybe the Pussykitten Dolls?

The point is that the act was not very good, and on top of being of low talent, it was offensive to see little girls dressed like streetwalkers on national TV.  But this is a country where accused pedophiles get a national day of mourning, where a woman is allowed to quit her job and then claim she's not a quitter, and where more people watch Two and a Half Men than 30 Rock.

So thank you, America's Got Talent, because just three days after Independence Day, you're making me question my patriotism.  Anyway, here's what was considered "good" this week:

In the first half of this episode, there was only one decent audition, Bri, a 17-year-old girl who sings and plays the piano.  She'd make a decent enough understudy for the Gabriella role in a touring company production of High School Musical on stage, but that's about it.  Also, her decision to play a Jonas Brothers song shows her general lack of taste.

The next "good" act was TJ and the Little Mamas, and I've already said my peace about how offensive this was.

They were followed by a series of successful acts, including a fire eater, a woman who climbs silk curtains while singing opera, and a pair of brothers in the 40s who do the robot.  I actually thought the audience was booing them, but apparently it was good enough to make it through, despite the fact that, in the world of reality, I wouldn't give these buffoons a second look if I were passing them on the sidewalk, which I imagine is their day job.

The next winner is some dude who juggles three chainsaws.  Nick Cannon says "Wow" with the same astonishment that you might use if you just discovered a leprechaun or Matthew McConaughey with his shirt on.  I guess Mariah doesn't let him go to carnivals or state fairs, where people juggle things a lot cooler than chainsaws.

The final performer was Lawrence Beaman.  He sings "Ol' Man River," and to a population that has no idea who Paul Robseon is, you might think this was amazing.  But if you know who Paul Robeson is, then you know this was just an OK knock-off.  Now go learn a thing or two about Paul Robseon.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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