'America's Got Talent' Recap: The First Semi-Finalists are Revealed
'America's Got Talent' Recap: The First Semi-Finalists are Revealed
Ted Kindig
Ted Kindig
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With sixty contestants still in the running, we've got a whole bunch of cutting to do before we get to the America's Got Talent semi-finals. That process begins tonight, as four of yesterday's acts move on, while the others are sent home. We'll be live-blogging those results right here.

The live blog starts now:

There seems to be some sort of raucous party going on backstage, as the contestants are all jumping around yelling.

For the first big filler montage of the season, we have a bunch of kids pretending to be judges and talking about the show. Seems like a total waste of time to me, but maybe I'm just a grump. Speaking of waste of time, we also have a cup design competition. The audience waits patiently for something interesting to happen.

Next we have Nick Cannon fumbling through Twitter questions. I have to say, this AGT is really coasting in terms of the live show so far, and after the terrible sound mix and handful of technical blunders yesterday, they need to step up the entertainment value here -- that or get to the actual results.

Labyrinth performs the song "Beneath Your Beautiful," Orville Redenbacher buys a segment, and then we finally get our first round of results:

Aaron and Izzy
Kevin Downey Jr.
Alexandria the Great

Three acts move forward, and all three are eliminated in one fell swoop. That's a pretty surprising presentation, but not a terribly surprising result -- I might have thought that Alexandria would do better, but you could argue that she didn't sufficiently distinguish most recent escape from her first one. We have another round of results after that:

Special Head
Fresh Faces

Another surprisingly tough round of results here. Howie is particularly brutal to Special Head -- he annoys me, but I don't see any reason to rub it in at this point.

The KriStef Brothers
Collins Key


Not too much of a surprise there: tellAvision stepped up from their audition, but once you're over the novelty of their screen routine, their material is pretty cheesy and on the nose. Collins, on the other hand, put on a great show and earned his place.

That leaves Anna, Branden, and the American Hitmen with only two slots remaining:

Branden James

11-year-old girl vs. Marine Core veterans; quite the American Reality TV Sophie's Choice here. The final results are revealed, naturally, after the break, with the judges weighing in.

Heidi picks: Anna Chrisine
Mel B picks: American Hitmen
Howie picks: American Hitmen
Howard picks: Anna Christine

In the event of a tie, the viewer votes decide who moves on. Nick Cannon fumbles with an envelope for a bit, then announces our fourth semi-finalist

Anna Christine

That means the American Hitmen are eliminated. That's a bit disappointing to me, as I was starting to really like the guys in the band and thought they did pretty great last night, but you can't really argue with democracy.

That does it for tonight's America's Got Talent live results show; tune in next week to find out if Tone the Chiefrocka knows any other songs.

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