'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinals Part 5 Preview: The Rest of the Top 60 Perform
'America's Got Talent' Quarterfinals Part 5 Preview: The Rest of the Top 60 Perform
Bill King
Bill King
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
That's what I get for sticking to my guns.

After last week's quarterfinal performances on America's Got Talent, I went half with my gut and half with my heart, and America proved me wrong yet again. Cami Bradley and Timber Brown were locks, but then there were four acts I saw vying for the other two spots in the semifinals.

I correctly predicted Taylor Williamson, even though I don't think he's that funny, because I know America loves its awkward comedians. I did not see Chloe Channell stealing votes in the fifth spot, but thank goodness the voters got it right, even though it never should've come to that. How both female judges picked her over Taylor, I have no clue.

But then there was Aerial Ice and Jimmy Rose. I thought the innovative ice-skating aerialists did enough to power their way through, even though they didn't quite wow me as they did in their audition. But instead, there must be a lot of people out there who use coal to heat their homes. 

Maybe it was the fact that he got the pimp spot, but the country crooner and his Bryan Adams cover denied me my first four-for-four performance. In fact, I've only accurately predicted 10 of the 16 semifinalists. Though if any of the ones I got wrong make it to the wildcard show and then move on, I'll still count them as wins for me.

So with the remaining 12 acts in the top 60 set to perform tonight, let's take a look at who will be competing for your votes (and my only partially-accurate predictions):

D'Angelo & Amanda: They are kid ballroom dancers, with D'Angelo also competing against his little sister Ruby. They are quite talented, but I'm always completely creeped out by children ballroom dancers. 

Ruby & Jonas: See above, but substitute "D'Angelo also competing against his little sister Ruby" with "Ruby also competing against big brother D'Angelo."

2Unique: They are a kid female DJ and a kid female rapper. The DJ is more entertaining than the rapper, but in all honesty, I'm surprised they made it this far. It's a gimmick and not much more.

Sprice: The act we've been waiting to see again for weeks now, Sprice builds Rube Goldberg machines and reads (or at least one time) this very blog, having commented on it after his audition. Provided everything goes according to plan, I expect him to be a lock for the semifinals. But if one domino falls the wrong way, it's all over.

Melody Caballerro: Melody is an acrobatic contortionist who was originally eliminated in Las Vegas. But she gets another chance after unicycle-riding bowl flipper The Red Panda either withdrew or was disqualified. Melody wobbled a bit in her last performance, but she also spun around while balancing herself on a pole with her mouth.

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Catapult: Expectations have to be pretty high for the shadow dancing troupe after they proved to be one of the more innovative acts this season. I think they need to up their game, though, because I thought the idea was better than the performance the first time around.

Dave Fenley: He's your resident pudgy rocker with a voice that you don't expect to come out of his body. He wins this season's "Best Beard" award.

Selena Mykenzie Gordon: She's a 15-year-old with a big voice that is very mature sounding for her age. Young singers have fared well thus far in season 8, coming close even when they don't advance, and that should hold true for Selena as well.

The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale: A nice story and a lively choir, but I don't know if they'll be able to do enough to stand out compared to the other acts. Performance position will be key for them. If they're up early, no chance.

Sam Johnson: This dude is nuts, and I have no idea what to expect from him. He climbed a pole like 75 feet in the air and did a handstand, and then doused himself in gasoline, lit his hat on fire and juggled flaming torches on a unicycle on a tight rope. 

Duo Resonance: They are gymnastic acrobats who mix balance and contortion to pull off some pretty crazy stunts. It's going to be close for them, but they could sneak through.

John Wing: We already have a comedian, and I haven't found this guy that funny yet, so I'm not expecting much. 

The four acts I'm looking forward to most are Sam Johnson, Sprice, Catapult and Dave Fenley, but I think Duo Resonance and Selena Mykenzie Gordon could also surprise and end up at or near the top of the rankings. Which acts do you expect to shine?

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