'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Will Be the Last Acts in the Finals?
'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Will Be the Last Acts in the Finals?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The groupings for the live shows of America's Got Talent season 12 have disappointed. While the live shows haven't been bad overall, there are very clear losers and winners. For the penultimate show of the season, America's Got Talent really pulled it together. 

There were a ton of good to great acts. There were still embarrassments (looking at you, Pompeyo Family), but there is some very stiff competition to move on to the finale. However, only five acts will move through, and it's time to make some (probably wrong) predictions about them.

Following my new normal for prediction rules, I'll only be picking out the five acts that will move on, thereby ignoring the acts that will be eliminated. This late in the season, it's time to be positive. So here are the acts that are most likely, in my mind, to move forward: 

Mandy Harvey

The chief problem with this season of America's Got Talent isn't that the show seems to lack those acts who can succeed outside of the competition. There aren't many acts with a real star power. Mandy, however, is one of them. She doesn't have the strongest or loudest voice left on the show, but she does have one of the most unique ones. She's memorable and is much more than being "the deaf singer." 

Mandy is confident and knows exactly what type of artist she wants to be, and she achieves it. She's an artist in every sense of the word. It'll be a travesty if Mandy doesn't make it to the finale. 


It sounds harsh, but Kechi isn't nearly as a good a musician as America's Got Talent pretends at times. Kechi's very good and completely inspiring, but she's not exactly setting the musical world on fire. Ultimately, though, she is memorable and that tragic story is always going to garner her votes. Kechi probably doesn't have much of a chance at winning this whole competition, but she's a lock for the finals, even if she might be knocking out more deserving acts to get there. 

Colin Cloud 

Colin might not make it into the finals based solely on America's votes. His act did go on for a very long time (again). Getting the forgettable second spot of the night didn't do him many favors either. However, Colin should (and deserves to) get enough votes that he isn't eliminated outright. At that point, he should be safe because the judges will certainly have him move on, assuming America doesn't step in at that point and use the Dunkin' Save.

Angelica Hale 

There's the potential for slip-ups here. America's Got Talent bookended the last semifinals with their two little girl singers. There's a very real possibility that casual viewers will get Angelica and Celine mixed up or the girls will cancel each other's votes out. However, if America is smart, Angelica should move through because she's head and shoulders above Celine as well as a couple other singers. Angelica might be tiny, but she can sing her heart out and has way more range and power than she should in her little body.

It also helps that Angelica is genuinely cute and endearing. Celine comes from Mirror Image's hellish school of how to be obnoxiously precocious. Angelica isn't trying to be adorable, which makes her likable.

From this point forward, the predictions get a little hazy. Pretty much everyone but The Pompeyo Family and Diavolo could move forward. (The Pompeyo poodles are done for because their return was a trainwreck. As for Diavolo, if America didn't vote forward Bello Nock, they're not picking Diavolo.) The last act most likely to move forward, though, is...

Light Balance

It really came down to Light Balance and Merrick Hanna for this final spot. Light Balance isn't going to win, and their bag of tricks is beginning to run out, but they're still mesmerizing for the moment. Merrick could've knocked them out, but it was one of his weaker performances and the flying harness act didn't do much to take him over the edge. Light Balance didn't quite go over the edge either, but if they advanced off of a recorded video, they should be good for the finale. 

Light Balance is the perfect balance of dancing talent and technological know-how. They might recycle moves, but it's working for them so far. Dancers don't do super well on America's Got Talent, unless when you slap some lights on them. Then they do tend to dominate or at least get to the finale. 

What are your predictions? What do you hope happens? What do you think will happen? Is the winner in this group? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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