'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Which 4 Acts Will Be the Next Semifinalists?
'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Which 4 Acts Will Be the Next Semifinalists?
Bill King
Bill King
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The lineup for the second group of quarterfinalists on America's Got Talent seemed lofty on paper, but nearly all of them underwhelmed or just flat out blew it. That not only leaves a short list of performers deserving to move on, it also leaves the door open for one of those lackluster acts to sneak through.

So which four acts are advancing? And which eight have made their last appearance on the big stage at Radio City Music Hall? Here are my predictions.

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I actually think the choices are pretty obvious, as exactly four acts distanced themselves from the pack, in my opinion. But I was only half right with my picks last week, so let's break it down.

Brad Byers lacks showmanship, the Struck Boyz are annoying and Dave Shirley and Angela Hoover are better in theory than practice, so they're all gone. 

Marty Brown was the disappointment of the night (and possibly the season thus far) and SHOULD be out, but based on who is in my top four, he has a chance of getting an undeserved second chance. I wouldn't bet on him staying, but he was one of the highlights of the audition process and certainly a guy people remembered.

Kid the Whiz is likable and definitely appeals to younger viewers, who are also more likely to be voting via Twitter and the web, but I think his efforts to fill the stage were a distraction and left the performance feeling busy. 

The Aquanuts are fine at what they do, but I'm against synchronized swimming as a talent show talent. And Ciana Pelekai, who I think has a better voice than the advancing Anna Christine, looked campy singing and dancing on her box. But people love the kids, so she's always got a shot. 

This brings me to my top four of the night, and the acts I think are most deserving of a spot in the next round.

The girls of Innovative Force put on a show to open this episode of AGT, with team stunts that I found captivating, cool and dangerous. They definitely pulled off moves that I've never seen before, so yes, Howie, they are actually innovative.

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Alexandr Magala also separated himself from the pack, even though I find myself cringing and turning away every time he performs. I don't think he topped the final trick he did in Vegas (a face-first freefall down a pole with a sword in his mouth), but he certainly held my attention. 

Tone the Chiefrocca was easily the most fun moment of the night (and I NEVER thought I'd be saying that!), as he brought an energy to the theater we hadn't seen in previous acts. Anyone who may have lost interest was immediately woken up and pulled back in. I don't see him moving past the semis, but if I have to decide whether I'd like to see B-Double-O-T-Y again or one of the blase other acts, I might have to go with the one-hit wonder.

That brings me to Forte, who I thought stole the show despite Mel B's feelings that America will be split on them. I would've liked to hear them sing together more, because that's when I got goose bumps, but I don't think anyone else was even close to their level of talent. These guys could win the whole thing.

So my four picks to move on to the semifinals are Tone the Chiefrocca, Innovative Force, Alexandr Magala and Forte. Who are yours?

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