'America's Got Talent': Pink Hair, Contortion & Inspiration
'America's Got Talent':  Pink Hair, Contortion & Inspiration
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Last night's episode of America's Got Talent took us back for more acts auditioning in Portland. There were more of the odd acts, but some amazingly good acts too.

Sisters Christina & Ali stole our hearts and brought tears to my eyes when they sang beautifully despite their cystic fibrosis. They are truly an inspiration:

Another great sibling act was the Hot Shot Tap Dancers. These four very talented dancers were a joy to watch and they are, of course, joining the singing sisters in Las Vegas.

Engaged couple, AscenDance, showed us some of the most amazing body control during their dance on a climbing wall. If they can bring even more excitement during the Las Vegas competition, it will be very fun to watch.

There was also a group of 6 young girls who call themselves RNG and they captured the audience's favor by doing a well-timed popping & locking routine. They're headed to Vegas as well.

Now for the truly odd acts. A singing cab driver, Soriah, that sounded like an Australian musical instrument and was dressed in a strange white-feathered outfit will not be going on in the competition.

Neither will the Amazing Amy who did some rather strange contortions, or Hart Keene who swallowed needles or Natasha Delepine, who had pink hair and couldn't sing.

But overall, it was a very satisfying evening of performances. Which were your favorites? Do you think the judges missed the mark on any acts? Let us know!

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