'America's Got Talent': New York Auditions
'America's Got Talent': New York Auditions

The fifth season of America's Got Talent continued tonight with auditions from the Big Apple, but the city that gave us Christina Aguilera, Al Pacino and The Marx Brothers was running a little light on undiscovered stars. There were a couple of truly unusual acts and a few that got in thanks to the good will of Sharon Osbourne or Howie Mandel but there's one thing you could say about all of the acts - they were entertaining.

The Best of the Best

Fighting Gravity was the best thing we've seen since the season began with their quirky blend of precision movement, puppetry and blacklight effects. They reminded me of that group from the 70s called Mummenschanz, in that your brain couldn't always comprehend what your mind was seeing. The dancers appeared to float in the air while interacting with glowing green balls that had a life of their own. Very clever and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Prince Poppycock also got my attention when he arrived on stage dressed as French prince from the Baroque period, complete with white face and bowed lips. It looked like he was going for laughs but then he opened his mouth and an incredible operatic voice poured out! Truly amazing and yes he was funny, but we were laughing with him, not at him. He'll make a run for it, but I don't see him wining.

Doogie Horner was the last up with a talent that one rarely sees on this show; the talent to turn an ugly mob into a supportive fan base. Horner works the full-bearded nerd look (I wish I knew if it was real or just an act) and his stand-up comedy routine was reminiscent of Andy Kaufman's wide-eyed, nervous shtick that served him well on stage. He began throwing out one-liners and the audience turned on him instantly, rather than back down, he used the venom, turned it back on them and suddenly he was funny. Ninety seconds later the crowd that had been screaming for his head was chanting, "Vegas, Vegas!" Piers Morgan refused to be swayed but Sharon and Howie were both impressed by his ability to turn the crowd around. They gave him a pass through to the next round.

As good as those three were, there were twice as many that were awful. Come back tomorrow for a look at the best of the worst from the New York auditions.

(Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)