'America's Got Talent' Finale Preview: Talent vs. Following
'America's Got Talent' Finale Preview: Talent vs. Following
Bill King
Bill King
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There is a clear division between the final six acts set to take the America's Got Talent stage at Radio City Music Hall tonight for one final performance and a shot at a million bucks on the line.

But surprisingly enough, talent might not be the deciding factor.

That's because we've got three acts who, ability- and performance-wise, stand head and shoulders above the rest. However, the other three, or at least two of them, seemingly have rabid fan bases that will vote in droves regardless of the quality of the routine. You could even make the argument that all three are lucky to even make it this far.

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My predictions last week were probably about as spot on as I could get without actually achieving the much-eluded perfection, but I saw what was coming and wrote accordingly. I got five out of six correct in the "what I wanted to happen group," but I just knew Jimmy Rose was going to sneak in there and knock out someone more deserving. And when that happened, it wasn't a surprise that it was the KriStef Brothers who missed out.

Likewise, my only mistake in the "what I thought was going to happen" prediction was that I gave a little too much credit to the supporters of Innovative Force, who I placed low in the performance rankings for two straight weeks. I was happy America agreed with me on Catapult, though.

The final performances will and should play a huge role in determining the winner of season 8, but it'll be interesting to see how the votes play out between the have-talents and the have-nots. (That's admittedly a bit harsh because everyone who has reached this point is incredibly good, but there are definitely differences when it comes to the wow factor.)

Here is a preview of the six finalists vying for your votes and the crown of America's Got Talent. First, the fan base speaks.

Jimmy Rose: He's the one guy who every poll seems to show that people just don't put him in the same class as the others. But he has consistently garnered favorable show placement, including two pimp spots and a second-to-last, which always leaves him fresh in voters' minds. Still, I'm surprised he gets the votes he does, and while I'm hopeful this will be the end of the line, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he somehow won this thing.

Taylor Williamson: I've admitted that he's grown on me and has steadily gotten better in his sets, but I'm still not convinced his material is good enough to best the competition. And while the awkward shtick is part of his persona, he still seems to lack the polish that I think propelled Tom Cotter to second place a year ago.

Collins Key: You can't deny his tricks are impressive, and I still haven't come close to figuring out how he does any of it, but he still has incredible pacing and showmanship issues. His routines end up drawn out until you almost lose interest before the climax brings you back in. But the heartthrob of magic has legions of fans (particularly among young women), and I've been saying for weeks that it could all come together for him at any moment. Of the three underdogs, he has the greatest potential to win people over.

Next up, the "We know exactly what they're going to do" group.

Cami Bradley: She's going to take a song and Cami Bradley the sh -- err ... stuff out of it. And that's a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies. Pardon my Shawshank moment, but Cami will be original, her voice will sound great and she'll look amazing the entire time. The crush continues.

Forte: These guys are going to do the exact same thing they've done every time: a brilliant opera performance with goosebump-inducing harmonies that is so good, it could bring some close to tears. They've been consistent week in and week out, and there's no reason to expect any less this time around. Oh, and there will be lasers. Opera singers LOVE lasers this year.

Finally, it's the "We have absolutely no idea what he's going to do" group, which of course consists of just one man.

Kenichi Ebina: I think he has to be the favorite heading into the finale, but whatever he has up his sleeve will determine whether or not he wins. The dying-and-becoming-a-flying-angel thing was a nice subdued "acoustic" performance, but much like his audition, it was about the dance. Sure, there was a bit more emotion involved, but it was the video game battle and the mirror dance that won America over with sheer genius. It's hard enough to pull off the moves he is capable of, but to mix in perfectly-choreographed interactions with pre-recorded Kenichi-played characters is mind-blowingly difficult.

I have to admit, it's a pretty good final six. Which act do you have the highest expectations for?

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