'America's Got Talent': Best of the Worst from NY
'America's Got Talent': Best of the Worst from NY

Last night America's Got Talent visited New York City where you'd expect to find a large number of interesting acts. The acts were interesting alright, so interesting that some didn't even get their full 90 seconds of fame. Here's a look at the best of the worst acts from last night's episode.


Best of the Worst

On Repeat

This off-key duo had a Justin Bieber vibe going for them, but I could hardly believe it when they said they were both twenty. In the pre-audition package they talked about being best friends and how they mesh together so well despite their musical differences. Then they hit the stage and it was a train wreck. They were so bad they didn't even make the full 90 seconds before they were given three strikes by the judges. The boys said they chose the name On Repeat for their group because people want to play their songs over and over again - on repeat - get it? Might be true if you were Jack Bauer and you were trying to torture someone, otherwise, not so much.


RC Storm and Joe Menchetti

These two guys were so lame, they really don't deserve the title best of the worst but it was a mediocre night all around so here you go. RC Storm is a music instructor who took to the stage with a giant guitar. Pretty cool. Then he started to play some incoherent, rockstar gone mad "music" and it was all over. He might have gone on if he had actually gotten a tune out of that box, alas, he didn't.

Then there was Joe Menchetti whose talent was speed eating. His goal was to eat five pizzas in the 90 seconds but after a couple of disgusting mouthfuls, the judges had had enough. What gets me on acts like these is where they expect to go with them. It might be fun at a bachelor party or the county fair but on the Vegas stage? How would you make a whole show out of eating?


Gino and Tony

This father and son team gets the award for the performance that was so bad it was good. They looked and sounded like they're walked off the set of Jersey Shore. Son Tony made it clear in the pre-audition package that he and his dad were the best of friends and it was sweet. Once they hit the stage, Sharon asked how long they had been singing together and Gino confessed that it had only been a short while. Tony heard him singing in the shower and that was all I wanted to hear about that. For two guys that were all about each other, they went with a very odd song choice. They 'All By Myself,' together and it was bad karaoke night at the Guido's Pizza Bowl. It was only their larger-than-life personality and enthusiasm that allowed them to go on as long as they did and then Sharon said she'd put them through to Vegas! Luckily cooler heads prevailed and they were sent back over the state lines. If you'd like to see more of Tony and Gino, they'll be performing at their Aunt Bernadette's summer beach blowout in Tom's River this 4th of July.


America's Got Talent is taking the night off to enjoy the Stanley Cup Hockey Playoffs but they'll be back next Tuesday with more magic, music and fun.

(Screencaps: NBC)