'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 3 Superlatives
'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 3 Superlatives
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Though there was some decent talent this week on America's Got Talent, overall it was a bit of a flat week, as far as standout, $1 million acts go. So instead of the usual standout performances of the week, here are some superlatives to highlight the acts that, for whatever reason - talented or not - grabbed our attention.

Classiest Act: The Distinguished Men of Brass
One of the judges' favorites from the Tampa auditions, this marching band group came onto the stage with dignity and inspiring story. Though they were fired from an amusement park due to the struggling economy, they decided to turn their dire situation into a positive opportunity for betterment. They looked good, they sounded good and their message felt good.

Cutest Kid: Isaac Ryan Brown
Cute, confident and charming - this 6-year-old kid has it all. He gave an earnest rendition of "I Want You Back" and had a natural humor and comfort on stage that was impressive for someone his age. Plus, he had to grow up with four older sisters, which can't be easy for a small tot of his swagger.

Most Daring: Spencer Horsman
This 26-year-old escape artist managed to have the whole crowd on the edge of their seats as he barely escaped from a hanging contraption of jagged metal and flames. His feat was certainly impressive and if he can continue to top that act, he might have a lasting chance. Howard was particularly dazzled, which is saying something.

Longest Air Time: Ron Christopher Porter, Jr.
Though dreaming of being a trailer voiceover isn't exactly the stuff of AGT legend, Ron somehow managed to get the most bang out of his buck when he enthusiastically asked if he could introduce the following acts after he was X-ed. Though that is clearly Nick Cannon's job, Ron was able to shadow the host and even left the studio with Cannon as his new buddy. For someone who isn't going to Vegas, Ron did pretty well for himself.

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