'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 2 Standouts
'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 2 Standouts
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
This week America's Got Talent sought out The Big Apple for the best talent. While there was the usual assortment of mediocre dance groups, singers and generic performers, there were a few acts that stood out - either because the talent was of such a high caliber or the uniqueness of the act (or both). Amongst acts like a 21st century ventriloquist and a guy brutally, repeatedly smacked in the nuts, here are some of this week's standout talents.

The Olate Dogs
Whether you're a dog lover or not, this adorable and fun act probably won you over. In addition to the overwhelming cuteness of a troupe of pups being wheeled in on a wagon, many of the dogs proved to have some real dance skills - particularly the main star, a dog whose back flips solidified this act as Vegas-worthy. Of course, the real kudos go to the trainers, who managed to turn these (mostly) rescue dogs into true stars.

Wordspit the Illest
While there have been many bands on the AGT audition stage, this musical group subtly stood out by pairing rap elements with live music (including an interesting arrangement of instruments) and style. Their musical climatic moment was deemed one of the most "glorious" by Howie and left us feeling they had potential to take their talent further in the next round.

Tom Cotter
Though comedians have historically struggled on AGT, veteran stand-up comic Tom Cotter humbly gave it his best shot. Much like Turk from last week, the bits of his back story (being in the business for over two decades, trying to support his wife and three young daughters with his comedic career) helped him come across as likable and relatable. Most importantly, his jokes embodied these traits too, making him one of the most promising comedians of this season so far.

Donovan and Rebecaa are a married couple and acro-balance duo whose professionalism and seriousness for their craft was evident from the start. When they expertly executed their gravity-defying act of controlled balance and movement (with a couple poses where Rebecca was the one holding up her two-hundred-pound husband), it was a unanimous "YES" from the judging table.

Don't miss next week's AGT auditions in Tampa on Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 9pm on NBC (watch the preview below):

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