'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 1 Standouts
'America's Got Talent' Auditions: Week 1 Standouts
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The first week of America's Got Talent season 7 has passed, providing us with a bevy of performances, from a singing bird lady to a scorpion swallower to a rapping 80-year-old "Granny G." Plus, we got to see new judge Howard Stern in action (and he was surprisingly a welcome addition to the table). With a talent competition as large as this one, going on its seventh season, you have to really stand out to not only make it past the first auditions (to Vegas, where the contestants will perform again to make it onto AGT's live shows) - you have to somehow distinguish yourself from the crowd of already high talent. Here's a look back at some of the standout performances from the first week of auditions.

William Close and His Earth Harp
This unassuming fellow makes musical instruments for a living and when he performed on the world's largest stringed instrument that turned the entire theater into an instrument, it was a truly unique performance.

Lightwire Theater
This group combined a variety of elements: dance, puppets, light technology, music and creativity with their imaginative show of lit dinosaurs in the dark. Even the intriguing description doesn't capture what they did, so watch the performance below to see for yourself.

David Girabaldi and His CMYKs
Though painting certainly qualifies as an artistic pursuit requiring talent, it's difficult to turn into a performance suitable for the AGT stage. This speed painter and his funky dancing assistant painters turned the medium into something entertaining, surprising and innovative.

AGT is about more than raw talent - to get far, you have to win over America's heart, too. This once-homeless contortionist street dancer proved he had the undeniable, awe-inspiring talent and the life story and humility to rally the theater of fans behind him.

Lastly, don't miss the preview for next week's round of auditions in New York:

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