American's Got Talent: Finale Live Thoughts
American's Got Talent: Finale Live Thoughts
Tonight is the live 2-hour finale of NBC's America's Got Talent.  The night will feature celebrity appearances from Sean Kingston, UB40, Taylor Swift, and even The Muppets.  Viewers can look forward to performances by Stomp Out Loud and The Hoff himself.  We're covering the finale live, as well, and fans can feel free to post their thoughts throughout the night!

Who will win?  Butterscotch, the beatboxer/singer?  Cas Haley, the musician/singer?  Julienne, the singer?  Or will it be Terry, the ventriloquist?  One thing is sure.  In two hours time, a new winner will be named so let's get going! 

The music is slightly overdramatic as the contestants talk about wanting to win, don't you think?  Montage videos galore, as they show us what happened last week.  Does anyone think the ventriloquist deserves the million? 

The top ten are performing Kool and The Gang's "Celebration".   Cheese-tastic!  Time for a break, then Butterscotch will perform with a special guest. 

We're back and Butterscotch will be singing with Sean Kingston, who together, revamped his hit song "Beautiful Girls".  He is lip syncing ... on America's Got Talent.  Anyone else see the irony?  If it helps, every now and then, he yells out a word or two.  Tearjerker video came from a video from Butterscotch's gramma.

It's time for Terry's special performance and he'll be singing with Kermit.  At least they're singing live to "You've Got A Friend".  Though the puppet freaks me out, it's a cute performance.  As a little bonus, fellow Muppets have taken the judges' places.  Terry's video came from Miss Piggy who rooted him on!

Julienne is getting to perform with her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, an up and coming country music star.  Her special message came from Martina McBride, which was pretty cool.

Cas is really excited to sing with his special guest.  He does a rendition of "Red, Red Wine" along with the original recording artists, UB40.  Cas got his message of support from Lionel Richie.  Hello?  Is it me you're lookin' for?

The quick change artists are back!  I love them!

Julienne has just been eliminated from the competition.  Cue the goodbye video with all her best moments.

Stomp Out Loud is performing now - they're so awesome.  Boy Shakira and Kashif are in the audience.  Wow.

Butterscotch has just been eliminated.  It's now between Cas and Terry.  Time for a montage video of what else?  The strangest auditioners of all time.  Yikes.  Now, the audition all-stars (and I use that term loosely) are on stage singing "We Are The Champions".  JUST TELL ME WHO WON!

Hoff is singing "This Is The Moment" from the Broadway show, Jekyll and Hyde.  Fans will remember he played the lead role in the 90s. 

Time for another montage video of bad people.  X's all around.  Now, they're showing the best of the best, including the final four.   Man, they're really stretchin' this out, aren't they?  Makes you wish for the hour long American Idol results show, doesn't it?

It's finally down to the results.  First, a quick message from last year's winner, Bianca Ryan.  She's on tour with Aly and AJ, that's pretty impressive.  Next, videos highlight the journey of both Cas and Terry.  The winner is... coming up after the break!  Are... you... serious?

Ok, now they're really telling us the winner.  Please be Cas.  Wow, the ventriloquist won.  Surprising.  Hopefully, Cas has a big future ahead of him.  America, you picked him.  Terry Fator is the winner of America's Got Talent.

What do you guys think about the results?  Who did you vote for?  Sound off and let us know.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)