A Night of Sort-of Surprises on 'America's Got Talent' Semi-Finals Results Show
A Night of Sort-of Surprises on 'America's Got Talent' Semi-Finals Results Show
This week was, for the most part, a bit of a clunker. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we remember voting in some really good acts, acts we believed in, but most of them must be performing next week. This week really belonged to Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm (and Anna and Patryk if you ask Piers Morgan's diary/blog/voicemail/picket sign).

The first group on stage is ArcAttack, Dan Sperry, Future Funk, and Kristina Young. I'm thinking this spot belongs to ArcAttack, based on how last night went (the only group Piers didn't X). Poor Kristina Young. Howie predicts that it will be Future Funk or ArcAttack, but I feel like Future Funk is getting more annoying than cute these days. In a messed up and unpredictable move, NO ONE from this group moves forward. Howie asks, "is that real?" It is. There's five more spots, who could they possibly belong to? I'm bummed, I liked ArcAttack and thought they were at least in the top five.

Before anyone moves on tonight, Recycled Percussion will perform. Two of their members were sitting vertically (how do I describe that?) attached to a wall and I could barely wrap my brain around it. Then they played on ladders and it was so impressive that it almost looked like they weren't doing it. But I believed it after their frontman, all hopped up on G2, told everyone not to give up on their dreams ever!

Next, prolonging the weirdly-spaced results, Jimmy Fallon performed some stand-up. I love Jimmy Fallon, I think his show is really funny and I'm excited to see him host the Emmys on Sunday! He did impressions of other comics and it was pretty brilliant. 

Next on stage are AscenDance and Anna and Patryk. If only one group goes through it's probably Anna and Patryk, unless Piers has over-sold them. But I think both groups will move on, since the producers are mixing it up tonight! But I was mostly wrong again and Anna and Patryk will move into the Top 10. At this point I'm done picking on them; I've been worn down and lost my will to fight. Congratulations to Anna and Patryk!

I don't know about this whole results reveal tonight. Now there are six acts left and only two of them won't make it through. But first: Kylie Minogue. Last week the America's Got Talent musical guest started with some bikini beach party acrobatics, and this week started with some shirtless, stone-faced guys carrying chairs around. Things got better from there, though, and it was a great performance. Did you like it or were you just impatiently waiting to hear the AGT results?

Next to the stage are Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, and Taylor Mathews. It's either all three, or Taylor Mathews is donezo. Either way, Taylor's dad will be bursting with pride for him at the end of the day. Howie is LIVE-TWEETING his shock and dismay. All three move forward! So we will see Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, and Taylor Mathews in the Top 10. 

For some reason, the judges still have a say in things. Antonio Restivo, Christina and Ali, and Connor Doran make their way to the stage. One act will be eliminated right away, and the remaining two acts are left in the hands of the judges (why?). Sadly, Antonio Restivo is sent away to light things on fire elsewhere. So it comes down to the "inspiration" acts, Connor Doran and Christina and Ali. Did Christina/Ali say that their talent is being good people? Out of sympathy, Sharon casts the deciding vote for Christina and Ali ("do I break two hearts or one?"). Okay.

Next week is most of the real/exciting talent (with the exception of contenders Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock). Why are the semi-finals so uneven? How did you feel about the results? Any acts you were sad to see go?

(image courtesy of NBC)