4 YouTube Acts Move Forward on 'America's Got Talent'
4 YouTube Acts Move Forward on 'America's Got Talent'
Apparently four of the YouTube acts will move on to join the other (real) acts tonight.  I was unaware of this, I thought it was just one, and I feel a little cheated because some of these acts were just not good at all. And then next week there's "another twist" (my guess: they're bringing back 12 of their favorite acts that didn't make it through for another chance).

The first group consists of Pup, Pizza Patt, Maestro Alexander Bui, and Austin Anderson (four?). My guess is that Maestro Alexander Bui will move on, although you can never really underestimate America's sympathy for dogs. Sharon, who loves dog acts, says she has no idea what's going to happen. I forgot she gave Maestro Alexander Bui the X. Sure enough, the first act moving forward is Maestro Alexander Bui. Pup and Austin Anderson looked like they knew they didn't stand a chance.

Quick Change returned for a performance that was somehow a little less impressive than what they'd done for America's Got Talent when they auditioned.  Bring back that guy whose "face" changed (don't bring him back). Then The Evolution of Dance performed and showed how low the YouTube standard is. It's too bad Piers couldn't X him in good conscience. 

The next group is Dylan Plummer, Dan Sperry, and Booker Forte. This one belongs to Dan Sperry, I think; despite his mint-eating and how his critique became all about Howie. Indeed, the honor goes to the weird and unenthusiastic Dan Sperry and indeed, Howie made it all about himself again by running up the audience stairs with a spotlight on him.

I didn't know that Lin Yu Chun was a worldwide hit or a breakout star, but I still say "jogging" instead of "running" so what do I know. He was really good and watching him was delightful.

In the jogging for that third spot are Ryan Rodriguez and Jackie Evancho. GEE I WONDER WHO IT WILL BE. If it's Ryan Rodriguez I will fall down dead. Jackie Evancho moves on, the unsurprised crowd goes wild. Does anyone else suspect that she has some weird Andy Milonakis disease or is like that girl in The Orphanage (spoiler alert) and is actually like, 30-years old?  She's so . . . well-spoken.

The final group is PLUtonic, Cam Hodges, and Kristina Young. Really I don't care who moves on, but it should probably be PLUtonic (Northwest represent!).  The other two acts moving on would be a bit of a tragedy. "Based on your votes, someone is about to be devastated," Nick Cannon tells us. Nice guilt trip, how will I sleep tonight? The eliminated act is PLUtonic (WHAT???) and Nick Cannon can consider me devastated. Kristina and Cam both apologize and beg for the judges, and the judges vote Kristina Young into the next round. DOUBLE HUH?

Next week is a wildcard show for 12 of the judges' favorite acts (some of whom were eliminated in Las Vegas).  I've got good news and bad news.  The good news is Michael Grasso, Connor Doran, Swing Shift Side Show, Kruti Dance Academy, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG, Harmonica Pierre, Doogie Horner, and Rudi Macaggi will perform again next week.  The bad news is that so will CJ Dippa, and Anna and Patryk.

Do you think four acts should have moved forward from YouTube week? How do you feel about next week's "twist" the "Wild Card show"? 

(image courtesy of NBC)