12 Acts Get a Second Chance on the 'America's Got Talent' Wild Card Show
12 Acts Get a Second Chance on the 'America's Got Talent' Wild Card Show
It's the Wild Card Show on America's Got Talent, so 12 lucky acts get a second chance. The first act is The Kinetic King! I'm so glad he is getting a second chance, after his epic disaster the first time. And Piers Morgan, of all people, brought him back.

The Kinetic King will reign again. I love him! He rides a Segway! It's going, it's going! Things are actually happening this time! It is so thrilling, just based on what we've seen and not seen in the past. I'm just so glad something happened.

Why are Those Funny Little People back for the Wild Card show? Is this still about Howie annoying Piers? And who cares? Judges: it's not about you. Ahhh, I don't know about this. I don't often agree with Piers, but I did feel the same way he did when he had his head cradled in his hands during their performance. Howie made it about him again, completely discounting this act for good.

Sharon brought back Avery & the Calico Hearts, for their Squeakquel, which seems almost cruel. They weren't even in the top 5 their week, so I'm not sure what Sharon is doing bringing them back. But that's mean. They love Justin Bieber, that's what's important. I'm not sure about their song choice of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," either. Piers buzzed them because at this point, it's getting serious and he is OVER IT. I think I liked their first performance better.

I'm glad Seth Grabel is coming back because I can't imagine a semi-finals without even one magician! Landon Swank is coming back, too, which makes Seth's douche come out. But who cares, Seth is in a giant metal hoop! He said some stuff about looking back and moving forward, then spun around in the hoop, which is what we really wanted to see. Then he made the DeLorean from Back to the Future appear and three kid versions of the judges came out of it. Oh man, what is going on? Weird.

I don't remember Shevonne, probably because the judges said no to her in Las Vegas. I'm glad they're bringing someone from the Vegas rounds back in the Wild Card show. Shevonne was OK, but she sure incorporated flames into her act! I think Shevonne may be at a disadvantage since we don't know her as well as we know the other acts. The judges really seem to like her. I just don't want a singer to win this year.

West Springfield Dance Team was a standout during the YouTube round, and got Sharon's last-minute approval for the Wild Card show. I just wish they choreographed their own stuff, instead of getting their routines and ideas from a coach. They scare me a little bit, but I guess that's good? It's working for them, they are incredibly precise. Howie didn't think they ramped it up from last week, and Piers agreed.

I don't totally understand Howie's picks to return. For example, J Chris Newberg. He has a vendetta against Piers Morgan, but who doesn't. Howie is bringing acts back just to keep this whole "Howie vs. Piers" thing going. J Chris Newberg decided to roast Piers, which was a risky move, but ended up being funnier than his last performance. Piers thought it was funny, which is really saying something.

Sharon brought back Yellow Designs Stunt Team, because this show doesn't really have a BMX or motorcycle act in the semi-finals yet. I hope they don't hurt themselves. This time they're working a pirate theme. I think they still have the problem of having too much going on on stage, so we don't know what to watch, but the cameras seemed to follow them better this time. They only fell or slid once that I saw. More stunts, I say!

Charles Peachock really wanted to do his shirtless juggling piano playing, but it didn't pan out the first time. He has realized he needs to go back to danger. Chainsaws, fire, he's bringing it all. And boy did he run that chainsaw through some fire, then light the saw on fire somehow. Then he balanced a sword on a sword on his head, while juggling swords. It was decent. I guess he fell or messed up pretty big somehow? I just didn't think it was awesome, but I missed how he "completely blew it."

Aw, I'm glad The Fiddleheads are back. I like them. The judges didn't like their last performance of "Billy Jean," but this time they're going to let the music do the talking. They're performing Bruno Mars' "Grenade," in a somewhat bluegrass form. I like them, but I liked Billy Jean better.

Piers chose Summerwind Skippers, of course. He likes that they made jumping rope sexy. Sexy is a relative term. The skippers are bringing in a danger element--fire! This routine had a lot more dancing than jumping, and they got tangled up in the ropes a couple times (fortunately it didn't happen when the ropes were on fire).

Landon Swank is doing an old-fashioned, Houdini-style escape. He's underwater, locked in with one minute to escape with two picks. Shizz! They drew a curtain up, which makes me wonder what the big secret is. Oh, he switched places with his lady! Good job, Landon! Piers called it "a proper trick."

And that's it. That's all there is to the Wild Card Show! Could you pick four from that bunch?

(image courtesy of NBC)