Which 'America's Best Dance Crew' Are You?
Tonight is the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew, the best dancing show on the planet. ABDC flew by this season with only nine crews making it onto television instead of the previous 12 crews. The finale will consist of two crews from Los Angeles, California, Quest Crew and Best Freaks. Beat Freaks is the first all-female crew to make it to the finale in three seasons. Quest Crew is an all-male crew consisting of several members who previously competed on So You Think You Can Dance.

Even though you can’t dance like them you can become one of them by playing our new personality quiz: Which America's Best Dance Crew Are You. Who knows, you might even be season 1 champ JabbaWockeez or season 2 champ Super Cr3w. How cool would that be? Play the personality quiz and see who you are.