'America's Best Dance Crew' Catches Up with SoReal Cru
Being the runner-up to the second season of America's Best Dance Crew has given SoReal Cru a boost in their business.  Even though their stint on the reality series is over, they can't help but return to the show, claiming that they haven't had a wink of sleep ever since they left. 

During the recent America's Best Dance Crew performance, SoReal Cru dropped by to update their fans on what's going on with them.  Also, they took pride in a little routine they prepared for the episode itself. 

“We've just been traveling everywhere,” one of the crew members explained.  Apparently, they've been to Hawaii and are practically living in airports these days.  It's surely been busy since they've gained fame on America's Best Dance Crew.  However, things are going to get even more hectic.  Despite that, the guys are having fun with their passion for dance. 

“We're gonna head up to the Philippines, Europe and Canada, so watch out,” they exclaimed.  They're also spending time sharing their talents, as they go around teaching workshops to other aspiring crews.

Below, you can find the video of the SoReal Cru's appearance on America's Best Dance Crew, as well as a few more words from the boys. 

SoReal Cru made it as one of the finalists during the second season of America's Best Dance Crew, but lost to Super Cr3w after 39 million votes were submitted.  The group originated from Houston, and is composed of friends who decided to take things to a professional level.  However, that never kept them from taking the stage with their unique dance moves and classic humor, which contribute to their distinct style. 

While they have their own career ahead of them, they haven't forgotten their journey on America's Best Dance Crew.  The new episode will feature the remaining five crews of the third season taking on the Magic Challenge, airing on Thursday, February 12. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV
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