America's Best Dance Crew 2: Top 3 Best and Worst Performances
This week's episode of America's Best Dance Crew 2 ignited some passionate unrest amongst viewers. SoReal Cru once again remained safe, while two of the judges' darlings, Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak, had to compete against each other for the remaining spot in the top two.

Many couldn't believe that Fanny Pak got the boot after their incredibly creative Flashdance routine, but I ultimately in the end, it came down to something that has been kind of a central question of America's Best Dance Crew 2 all season, and in naming my Bests this week, I'm going to admit I'm not quite sure what the answer is.


I decided to look at all of the performances this week, not just the final ones, to pick my Bests. My top pick wound up being Super Crew's Groove Step performance. While it wasn't as theatrical as Fanny Pak's final performance, or use props or characters, the reason it came out on top for me is, I think, part of why Fanny Pak got sent home by the judges.

Back when the season of America's Best Dance Crew 2 started, I signed on early to the charms of Fanny Pak. They might not be as hip-hop influenced as some of the other crews, but at the time, I hoped that people could look past their expectations and be open-minded to the style and creativity that Fanny Pak has to offer.

With their exit last night, though, I realized that as the season progressed, my own expectations for what I think America's Best Dance Crew means were starting to confound my appreciation for Fanny Pak.

Fact is – probably much like at least Shane Sparks and Lil Mama – when it comes down to it, I do just have more of an interest in and affinity for the hip-hop world and therefore will probably always want to see something like a Super Cr3w, a crew that can bring in all the history and influence of that genre.

Fanny Pak has the skills and can hit all the moves, and in fact probably could have ultimately a wider appeal because they bring in so much more into their routines. But for the purposes of this competition, their genre-busting style might just not be ultimately what enough people are thinking of when they think of how a “crew” is defined by this show. In short, maybe too many folks were just not ready for Fanny Pak or maybe they are just a group with such an unusual blend of talents that this particular competition just can't contain them. It's hard to know what they can do from here, but here's hoping all of the style and creativity they brought to every performance can find the right place for expression. Missy Elliott was very impressed with them last week; maybe they'll show up in one of her upcoming videos!


I still like SoReal Cru, but this week drove home the point that JC Chasez made last week, and that is that their routines sometimes lack the complexity of the other crews. I still really enjoy watching them and their smooth style, but unless they jump through some flaming hoops or levitate or something next week, I just don't see how they can beat Super Cr3w for the win.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of MTV)