America's Best Dance Crew 2: Top 8 Performance Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Let freedom ring, because on this Independence Eve it's time for another installment of America's Best Dance Crew. Sass x7 is gone, so now it's time for the judges to find another punching bag. If Shane Sparks gets his way, I suspect the rich white boy band kids are going to be in trouble.

Each week they announce the safe crews differently, and this week we'll get the top and bottom four. The challenge this week is “Rock the Title,” where crews must create routines that visually represent a specific song title.


A.S.I.I.D. – “Roll” by Flo Rider
They try a lot of rolling, including a bowling ball knocking down human pins. They don't use that, but they do a nice bit where two of the women form a human ball and roll down the stage. They also used a few other rolls, which impresses Shane, though like me, he wishes they did the bowling move. Lil' Mama and JC Chasez thought it was incredibly sloppy.

SoReal Cru – “Snake” by R. Kelly
Almost every idea they came up with in practice sucks, proving this is harder than you might think because it seems so easy. I really love their interpretation, which starts with charming the two ladies out of baskets and also uses their hooded jackets to resemble cobras. Shane agrees, complimenting the fact that they used snake movements throughout the entire dance.

Super Cr3w – “We Fly High” by Jim Jones
During practice, they consider a Dirty Dancing bit, a belly copter and a human airplane, all of which sound awesome to me. For the actual dance, they're all dressed like Clark Kent, complete with suits and nerd glasses, then they rip them off to become Supermen. They also fling one guy into the air to a ridiculous height (Shane calls it about 100 feet, which isn't far off) and they make it rain by tossing money into the air, finishing it up with the human airplane. Lil' Mama feels sorry for everyone else because they are killing it without doing a whole lot of actual “dancing.” These guys are the clear favorite to win America's Best Dance Crew.

Boogie Bots – “Game Over” by Lil' Flip
This seems perfect for these guys as they decide to create a video game, expressed by the fact that they're all dressed like they're from Tron. It's awesome, and then the lights go out and their Tron suits are glow-in-the-dark! Things end even more awesomely when they close out the routine by forming a giant Transformer robot. It's exactly what I wanted, and JC points out a Street Fighter move, causing Mario Lopez to name drop E. Honda, which makes me respect him a whole lot even though, technically, it was more of a Guile uppercut.


Fanny Pak – “Toy Soldier” by Britney Spears
This explains why they're dressed like soldiers. It's mildly amusing, with women used as machine guns and a finale where a fake grenade is used to blow up a human pyramid. However, it's hard coming after two absolutely amazing performances. Shane likes that they got a little hyphy and he also takes time to drool over the moment when the women ripped open their tops.

Supreme Soul – “Elevator” by Flo Rida
They find difficulty doing something Mike Myers has done with just a couch in Wayne's World. They have a brilliant theme with one guy as a patron at a hotel and it ends with an amazingly well done elevator bit. They also do this incredibly rippled snake-whip/peel-off. JC compliments the fact that each week they highlight a different member.


Phresh Select – “Big Things Poppin” by TI
This is a hard title to create a routine around, and there's some popping, but nothing all that tangible to represent the title. They end it with a pretty sweet bit where one guy pumps the others up until they pop like a balloon.

Xtreme Dance Force – “Earthquake” by Tech N9ne
Being from the mid-West, they have no idea what an earthquake feels like. There's a whole lot of shaking going on and they finish it up by yanking down their pants to reveal the word “Earthquake” written on their boxer shorts.

The judges deliberate. JC wants Phresh Select to clean it up. Shane respects that Xtreme Dance Force did some pretty rough moves for a couple of pretty boys. Lil' Mama thinks Phresh Select's choreography is too simple while Xtreme Dance Force had too much earthquaking and it was too chaotic.

The judges decide that the crew going home is…XTREME DANCE FORCE. Aww, poor rich, good-looking boys, they were pretty fly (for some white guys). Their banner falls, just like their pants did at the end of their routine.  If you have any questions, I'll be talking to some of the boys from Xtreme Dance Crew on Monday, so check back to see what they have to say about their time on the show.

Next week on America's Best Dance Crew: Things speed up as the crews perform to some ultra-fast beats.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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