'American Ninja Warrior' Season 4 Preview Guide: The Ultimate Challenge is Back
'American Ninja Warrior' Season 4 Preview Guide: The Ultimate Challenge is Back
Last season, this Americanized version of a 14-year-old Japanese series Sasuke saw 10 finalists from the U.S. compete for in a four-stage grueling obstacle course for a chance to win the grand prize of $500,000 K-Swiss endorsement contract. These 10 American Ninja Warrior finalists had previously weathered the tough tryouts and the intensive boot camp successfully. They flew to Japan and trekked Mt. Midoriyama to conquer its famous extreme obstacle course for a chance at becoming the first American to do so. However, the American contingent wasn't successful last year since no competitor made it past stage 3. To date, only three athletes, all hailing from Japan, had conquered Mt. Midoriyama.

Will America witness the crowning of its first ever conqueror at Mt. Midoriyama in American Ninja Warrior season 4? The answer is N-O.

NBC Partners With G4 to Broadcast the New Season of American Ninja Warrior

Following the relatively successful special airing of last year's finale, NBC has announced its partnership with G4, in collaboration with Tokyo Broadcasting System, to broadcast American Ninja Warrior season 4. However, the fans will not be seeing Mt. Midoriyama this time. So here's how it will work - preliminary rounds will be aired on G4 while preliminary finals and the grand finale, which will be held in Las Vegas, will be televised on NBC. This marks the first time that the show will be done entirely on U.S. soil. The American Ninja Warrior season 4 winner will receive $500,000.

Since Japan's Mt. Midoriyama is definitely out of the question, will the American finalists this year get the better of the heart-racing extreme obstacle course in Las Vegas? Will the course in Las Vegas appear to be easier than that of Mt. Midoriyama's?

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American Ninja Warrior season 4 will be co-hosted by Matt Iseman and Jonny Moseley, with Angela Sun as sideline correspondent. Catch this exciting new season when American Ninja Warrior returns on May 20 at 9pm, on G4. It will also be aired Mondays at 9pm on NBC.

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