Would a Sanjaya Win Bring Record Idol Ratings?
As millions of American Idol viewers swarm to Thursday night with hopes of seeing Sanjaya finally hit the road, the ratings swell has reached an early season high.  American idol normally does not hit its twenty five million viewer nights until the final six or so, but as fascination with the tone deaf teen keeps the show omnipresent in the entertainment news, so do the rubberneckers amass with hopes of witnessing his imminent demise.  Which raises a good question, does Fox want Sanjaya off the show at this point?

It has become a cottage industry, hating Sanjaya, which really isn't saying anything good about how America is doing with its cynicism problems. This poor kid comes out every week to sing his soul out, yet lately nearly as many people are tuning in to see if he gets axed then to watch him perform.  Surely, he hopes the hate will end, but does Fox?

I have this crazy idea about FOX.  Here is this unexpected commodity in Sanjaya, people just love to hate him.  I don't like to use those words because it is wrong, we should love Sanjaya, but just despise his singing.  None-the-less, as more and more favorites make their way off the stage, more and more people flock to the show.  It's become like a giant bug light for malcontent gnats.

Imagine, if you will, the level of furor that will exist if Sanjaya is in the final two and has not had a miraculous increase in vocal talent?  What are we looking at here?  Fifty, maybe sixty million tuning in to see if the impossible will happen.  Would Fox really mind that?  Heck no.

So week after week they convince this poor kid to wear silly hair styles and ugly clothes, choose songs he can't possibly sing, and now, apparently, arming him with canned witty comebacks for the inevitable roasting he will receive from Cowell.  And Cowell, how long can the man hold out?  Only time will tell.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV
(Image from fox)