Who Takes the Hollywood Gold? 'American Idol' Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Who Takes the Hollywood Gold? 'American Idol' Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
American Idol may be in Hollywood this week, but my mind is in Vancouver, Canada, with the Winter Olympics. Sure, Idol has plenty of drama and intrigue, but it lacks the jaw-dropping athletic stunts that viewers expect of the Olympics. And with Paula Abdul gone, Idol is also losing to the Olympics in the all-important sequins per-square-inch competition.

Seeing that Idol is the second greatest competition in the world this week, we've decided to bring a bit of the Olympic spirit to Hollywood week.Tonight we'll award Idol competitors bronze, silver, and gold medals, and disqualify some competitors who aren't up to snuff. As we know, there's a lot of mediocrity to suffer through before we get to the top 24.

So watch along with me tonight as we learn the fate of some of the top 24 and we literally inch closer--remember, this is a two-hour show--to that top 24 podium.

Imagine ... A Very Long Intro with a Dramatic Voice-Over:

Alright it's two-hour Idol time and what I've been waiting for: solo singing with a full backing band. Hopefully with a focus on the singing. (Please. For. The. Love. Of. God.) We'll also hear a few names you should probably become very familiar with, because they'll be in the top 24.

With the acceptances, come the rejections as made obvious by Ryan's dramatic voice over and footage of people crying. And more crying and even MORE dramatic Ryan voice over.  "Imagine," Ryan says, "Getting this far and not making it." To which we say: Imagine...actually hearing someone sing.

After tonight's auditions we won't be hearing any pithy Simon remarks or Ellen one-liners, tonight we won't hear from the judges until they tell the remaining 70 singers if they've made the top 24 or not. Luckily, you'll have my Olympics themed medals.

The remaining 71 contestants are split into three rooms and based on the names alone we know which is the room you want to be in. If Katie Stevens or Andrew Garcia is in your room, you should be a very happy camper. If Big SucceSexy or Grandma Glasses is sitting next to you...sorry kiddo, this just wasn't your year.

Angela Martin, Casey James, Jermaine Purifroy

Idol opens by focusing on three "pre-season favorites," which is strange, because only Casey James and his shirtlessness has really been focused on out of this group. "Pre-season favorite" conjures up the likes of Katie Stevens, Didi Benami, and Andrew Garcia...but they're all in the same room, and this dramatic intro is all about the fact these three "favorites" are in different rooms.

First we get a glimpse and a decent listen to Angela Martin, who we've loved since her audition and her hard luck story has only made us root for her more. She has a bit of a pitchy performance of Estelle's "American Boy," but it is still better than most of the vocals we've heard during Hollywood Week. I must say, considering Idol's love for the dramatic, it's surprising they haven't focused more on Angela's family drama. Even now, they only hint at it.

Jermaine Purifroy auditions with "Brick House" which seems like a terrible song choice outside of karaoke, but Jermaine can sing. Sadly my guess is that terrible song choice will be the death of his season 9 dreams.

Casey does a bluesy rendition of "Bubbly" which confirms that he's one of my surprising pre-season favorites. I would have never guessed that during his stripper-style audition.

These three pre-season favorites may all be in different rooms and we don't yet know their Idol fate. We do however, know their Olympic rankings. If this trio was on a podium, this is how the medals would look:

Bronze: Angela Martin
Silver: Jermaine Purifroy
Gold: Casey James

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