[Videos] 'Idol' Roundup: First Look at Season 13 Auditions, Lauren Alaina's Emotional New Song and More
[Videos] 'Idol' Roundup: First Look at Season 13 Auditions, Lauren Alaina's Emotional New Song and More
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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American Idol returns in two months, and we've got an extended preview of the auditions that shows us the chemistry among the judges and a few of the contestants trying out. Also in today's Roundup, Lauren Alaina just performed a very personal and emotional new song that has a connection to someone in her life. And Erika Van Pelt has released a music video for her single "Hurricane."

First Look at American Idol Season 13 Auditions

A new four-minute preview has been releasing, giving us an extended first look at the new season of Idol. Ever since the auditions began filming, there's been a huge emphasis made on letting everything know that the chemistry among the judges is fantastic, unlike last season's mess. And this video is no different.

It starts off with Keith Urban calling one contestant the lost Osmond Brother, to which Harry Connick, Jr. pipes up with "Ronny." Yes, Ronny Osmond. And from there, it's magical because I love seeing not only HCJ's humor, but the interactions between him and Keith. You can tell Keith loves that he's on a panel with someone like Harry. And when the two of them go off on something, there's Jennifer Lopez in the middle -- I can't wait to see how she has to deal with sitting in between them.

The below video gives us a first look at three performances. There's a White Guy With Guitar -- and speaking of which, all of but one of the contestants has a guitar with them. It's very telling that they're ready to embrace the WGWG again after producers tried everything they possibly could in season 12 to banish them.

Lauren Alaina Performs An Emotional New Song

This week, season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina performed at an event for CMT's Next Women of Country in Nashville. (She wasn't the only singing competition alum in attendance -- The Voice's Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbery were also there.)

Lauren performed a new song that she co-wrote called "Same Day, Different Bottle." According to reports, the entire room was completely enraptured by the song that tells a story of her father dealing with alcoholism.

It's a very personal number, and she told Yahoo, "The song is about my father. He actually got out of rehab today! I haven't gotten to see him yet, because he's back in Chattanooga, where I'm from. That song was like therapy for me. It's not easy growing up in a household with something like that. ... I played him the song, and he loved it. It made him cry. I think it was good for him to hear my side and to see how it affected me."

Many people have noted that with this song, Lauren is showcasing a more mature side of herself, different from the safe teen country songs featured on her debut album, Wildflower. On this topic, she told Entertainment Weekly, "I went through a weird gray area where I was just kind of singing songs to sing them. Now I sing songs because I'm passionate about them, and they mean something to me."

I have nothing against Scotty McCreery (except for the fact that all of his performances sound the same), but this new song by Lauren Alaina is more captivating than anything Scotty has ever put out. I hope this is an indication of great things to come from her sophomore album, whenever it may be released.

Erika Van Pelt's "Hurricane" Music Video

Speaking of great singers, season 11 finalist Erika Van Pelt has released a music video for her song "Hurricane," which is on her album My Independence that came out last month.

The video has a very simple production. Most of the time, we're just seeing close-up shots of Erika looking directly into the camera, which allows us to focus solely on her and her powerhouse voice. It's a shame she's not receiving the attention she deserves because she is someone who should have success in the music business.

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