User's sound off on American Idol's top 6 performances
Well, you all had a lot to say about tonight's American Idol performance show.  We saw a lot of good performances on that stage this evening, and I can't remember a better all-around performance night this season.  Our users had a lot to say, and most of it seemed to revolve around my lack of knowledge regarding Bon Jovi.  So it goes.

We'll be doing this for every episode, so if you want your comments posted, let your voice be heard.

ZZ said:
As a HUGE Bon Jovi fan I wasn't really impressed with any of the contestants. It was all really just something I could see in a bar by a local band. I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them go home.

chaabreh said: Here's my ratings for tonight: #1- Melinda; #2-Blake; #3-Lakisha; #4-Phil- #5-Jordin; #6-Chris. Last week, clearly Jordin was #1 so I doubt she's going home if you had both performances together. I would have to say that Chris and either Phil or Lakisha are going home. Tonight I really wished that there could be a male and female American Idol, because Blake has this refreshing creativity that deserves to be rewarded, but he clearly doesn't have Melinda or Jordin's "pipes".

JazzyJake from (Severna Park, MD) said: I thought only LaKisha (A+) and Blake (A) nailed it. In fact, LaKisha's performance is the only one all year I'd want a recording of. I hope it's enough to save her. Jordin was just awful (D). Melinda unconvincing (C+). Chris not terrible (C), Phil a little better (B).

And, to be fair, some blatant shots at my ability to comment on American Idol:

Anonymous said: wow oscar... you should really consider maybe turning on your radio and listening to some music... how can you possibly say that bon jovi does not have a lot of classics??!?! AR EYOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? Bon Jovi has more classics that all of the previous guest starts combines (minus tony bennet)... stop writing your column and let someone who actaully knows about music and appreciates all genres of music write this column

Joe from NC said: I agree with all of you about this Idiot Oscar! The guy is clueless when it comes to music, yet they have him writing about a music show. I really wish they'd get rid of this fool! I'm tired of his crap! Bon Jovi is one of the all-time great bands and this moron thinks they only have a couple of classics. What an Idiot! Hands down Blake should win this competition. No, maybe he's not the best singer, but I guarantee he will sell records! I love his originality and the chances he takes week after week. I was actually pleasantly surprsie with Melinda's performance. Phil has been very strong the past 3 weeks. Jordin wasn't so good tonight, but she ain't going nowhere this week! Neither was Chris or Lakisha bad tonight, but it won't be enough to save either of them. B-Bye Chris and Lakisha!

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer