Top Ten American Idol Auditions
American Idol's audition episodes lasted about a month, bringing fans exactly what they expected: a slew of awful, embarrassing, delusional auditions that we all laughed at, and then the good auditions, the undiscovered talent.  I feel like I've spent far too much upon the awful, forgoing the auditions that will matter in the long run.

So, today's top ten list will take a look back at the eight audition episodes and pick the best of the best (with YouTube videos!).  The title may be a little misleading; I'm only focused on this year's auditions.  The list is biased, because, well, it's mine.  I took into account a couple of things, but mostly it was the combination of the quality of the singing with the originality.  Extra points were also given arbitrarily, based on things like looks, song choices and beat boxing ability.  Forgive me if you believe my reasons are trivial.
Again, each member of the list is accompanied by a video of their audition.  I urge you to watch them all; it's good stuff.  Click below to get started.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer