Top 7 of '07: Reality TV Moment #2 - Sanjaya's Biggest Fan
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The Sanjaya Malakar phenomenon made my brain hurt. Since I covered American Idol last season and wrote about a million words on it over the course of the season, I know that THE major story was Sanjaya. He had fans from all walks of life and, despite everyone agreeing that he was a terrible singer who had no business being on any stage, let alone a national one, the fans were adamant in their support of Sanjaya. It made no sense.

Then, about mid-season, came a moment when I realized that I will never, ever understand the world that we live in: during one of Sanjaya's typically horrendous performances, Idol cut to the crowd, where a pre-pubescent girl was crying her eyes out, smitten with the shaggy-haired singer. She was young and didn't know better, but that doesn't mean it wasn't creepy and depressing. In ten years, that girl will probably be crying her eyes out again, only this time because she won't be able to live down the embarrassment of her younger self immortalized on YouTube.

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-Oscar Dahl
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