Top 24 'Idol' Contestant Reportedly Disqualified For Violating Confidentiality Clause
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, I wrote a piece on "How Not To Keep Your American Idol Semi-Final Spot a Secret." Unfortunately, purported top 24 member Michael Lynche didn't read it. In a big shake up of the pre-season spoilers, it was reported that Lynche (who we've yet to see) was disqualified from the Top 24 for violating the show's confidentiality clause. Though the story should really read, "disqualified for his father violating the show's confidentiality clause." Lynche should have paid closer attention to number two on my how to spoil your Idol spot piece: tell the gossipy member of your family.

According to the NY Post Lynche was disqualified from the coveted Top 24 after his father confirmed his son's spot to a local St. Petersburg, Florida newspaper. Reports surfaced this weekend on Idol spoiler sites Joe's Place and Vote for the Worst that Lynche had been replaced in the Top 24 for his father's transgression. That's going to make family dinners very awkward. And, Lynche's father should have known better. One his older sons, Marque Lynche Jr., made the Idol semi-finals in 2004. 

FOX has declined to comment on the incident, which is no surprise, as I'm sure commenting would also violate their confidentiality clause. But be sure to keep your eyes peeled to see how Idol deals with this story-line as Hollywood week arrives and auditions continue.