Tonight's 'American Idol' Auditions: Victoria Beckham (Again) in Denver
Tonight's 'American Idol' Auditions: Victoria Beckham (Again) in Denver
Finally, one last week of American Idol auditions. It's been fun, but it's been a bit frustrating. If it's not the train wrecks (good morning, Crazy Accordion Lady) or the angry people (good morning, Andrew Fenlon), it's the sob stories (good morning, Chris Golightly). It does get to you after a while, especially when you're itching to see the actual competition get swinging. That, or I just want to see how Ellen DeGeneres does as a judge.

Anyway, we have two more audition episodes left, the last one being a "Road to Hollywood" special, which looks like a best-of-the-rest package for those aspirants who the editors didn't get to squeeze in the other episodes. Tonight's show, on the other hand, brings us to Denver, the Mile High City, home of since-forgotten Idol contestant Ace Young, and the city where Chris Daughtry auditioned, later becoming the biggest thing in season 5.

There isn't really much to say about tonight's show. For one, this is only the second time Idol went to Denver. Also, tonight's guest judge isn't anyone new: it's Victoria Beckham. Here's an extra condensed biography: she was part of the Spice Girls, but her solo career wasn't as successful, and she's since known for being a fashion icon and the wife of footballer David Beckham.

Her fashion knowhow, well, there's no doubt about it--no wonder there's been rumors of her being hired as an American Idol stylist. But her last Idol judging stint, a few weeks ago in Boston, didn't really go well. Only a few said they like her--I think everybody else, from most critics to other fans, thought her comments (mostly on a person's "interesting look") pretty much went nowhere. But, at least, she's able to keep Simon in check and have a much better presence than last week's time-filler, Joe Jonas.

That said, celebrate the last week of American Idol auditions. Next week, we'll finally see Ellen, and in a few more weeks, the Top 24.

(Image courtesy of Fox)