Thursday Ratings for May 12: Ratings Normalize for FOX, Dwindle for Others
Matt Click
Matt Click
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After a big increase last week for FOX viewers, ratings normalized last night for shows like American Idol and Bones. Idol saw a slight drop, while Bones remained steady. We also saw slight drops across the board.

Idol's results show last night, in which the Halford-like rocker James Durbin was dealt the voter axe, dipped just slightly in viewers over last week, with 23.58 million viewers tuning in. Still a hefty number, and enough to put FOX on top for the evening. The elimination of James is a bit of a shock to some Idol fans. Many envisioned the young rocker making it to the final two. Will his leaving the show affect the viewership? Likely not. Besides, history has shown that winning Idol isn't always the most lucrative prize, as the runner-ups often see more success.

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Bones held steady in its penultimate episode of the season, with 12.28 million viewers to its name. Last night's episode was the much-talked-about conclusion of the Broadsky sniper story arc, resulting in the death of a beloved regular. Ratings are likely to rise slightly next week for the season finale. And then it's a cold, Bones-less summer!

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NBC's ratings were fairly ho-hum, with slight drops across the board. Community's season finale brought in 3.23 million viewers (quite a low number for such a genius show). The Office, still reeling from the departure of Steve Carell, was down 9% to a series low of 6.24 million viewers. I fear for The Office, I really do. I wonder if it can survive without Steve.

Grey's Anatomy continued to drop with a 9% dip this week. The medical show brought in 9.05 million viewers. Grey's has been steadily declining this season, hitting new series lows every week.

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