The 'American Idol' Watchlist: Please Don't Do This On Soul Week
The 'American Idol' Watchlist: Please Don't Do This On Soul Week
American Idol still has a lot of work to do before season 9 can be considered a success. Idol is still in the process of removing the worst of the Top 24. Nearly every contestant seems to be playing it safe. But maybe this will be the week it all changes, maybe as Lilly Scott sang, "A Change is Gonna Come."

As you know it's R&B and Soul week and  Usher is serving as a mentor. The Top 10 will  certainly need it, save perhaps Michael Lynche, who's at home in the genre. Maybe Andrew Garcia too, but I've given up on him long ago, so I don't have many expectations. I've learned better this season.

That leaves me with one question: how can the Top 10 succeed during soul week? Luckily, I have some suggestions; don't do these things:

Siobhan Magnus screaming. You all know why. (If you don't, click here.)

Crystal Bowersox relying on her guitar. It's time for Crystal to do something different by letting go of her guitar. In past weeks I've been listening to her songs off iTunes and found myself thinking, "she's not just all arrangements--she has a really good voice!" Ditching her guitar for at least one week will give the focus on her vocals, make her more than a one-trick pony, and maybe make her performance this week more memorable. Maybe it will give her that all important, so far elusive "moment."

Casey James' curled hair. Sure, that's one of his signature looks, but I can't take him seriously whenever he comes out with that hair during his performances. On second thought, maybe he needs that hair this week since I can't see him doing well with this week's theme.

Ellen DeGeneres' attempts at sounding nice by using those silly metaphors. It's distracting, it doesn't add anything to the discussion, and it gives us no reason to believe she knows what she's talking about. To her credit, she does. It's just distracting, all that talk of Lee Dewyze being her favorite pen. Can she be just more straightforward?

Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest's faux catfight. It's pure uncomfortable distraction. Kind of like Ellen's metaphors.

Justin Bieber. Well, I can't do anything about this, right? Yeah, I can't. I might as well prepare my earmuffs. Or ready the mute button. Turns out he isn't performing this week--but, as reports, he is performing later this season. He's just taping his performance early. Still, we're better off prepared.

So there you have, how to succeed with soul week. Hopefully someone takes our advice and change comes to Idol. Do you think there's a chance of that happening? Or are you already prepared to be disappointed? Whatever the case, be sure to come back and read all about American Idol right here as the show is happening.

(Image courtesy of Fox)